Data corruption on Undo/Redo

What I did:

  1. Type text in exiting note.
  2. ⌘Z serevel times.
  3. ⌘⇧Z couple of times.

What happened:
Seamingly random changes are made in project (even other notes in that project). Undo works as expexcted but redo does dangerously strange thing. At one instance I had note title cleared even though it was from couple of days ago and was not altered in current session.

What I expected:
Undo and redo to be predictable, and more importantly not currupt other notes.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
macOS Mojave 10.14 (18A391)
Agenda 2.5 (42) - Paddle


Hmm, that sounds odd indeed. We would like to improve undo/redo, but this is the first time we have heard of it doing random changes. Usually people just complain it is slow, or undoes too far back, not that it does unpredictable things.

If you are able to isolate when it does this, it would really help. Best would be if you could figure out what you did and come up with a test that we can repeat to trigger the problem. That would make it much easier to trace down the issue. Let us know if you find something.

Kind regards,

Thansk Drew,

I’m a bit afraid of using redo now, but if there is a way I could install second, isolated version of Agenda I’ll try to replicate it. I find it quite easy to trigger with couple of ⌘Z follower with few redo actions.

Let me know, happy to help. I love the app otherwise.


I have noticed that using Command-Z when I want to undo instead creates a duplicate of the note I am currently editing. As such, I have stopped using it.

To test, you could create another account on your Mac. That would give you a separate place to test which would not influence your main data.

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It happened to me as well. The one thing that i remember about the times I’ve had it happen is that it always involved a list, either numbered, with dashes or a checklist.

Recenly it’s been on an iPad pro with a kbd (using the cmd+z, cmd+shift+z) but I remember it happening on Mac OS too, also using the kbd shortcuts.

Yup, defintily is still happening to me too. I think(?) it got better since original post, but I’m still terrified hitting ⌘⇧Z (Redo).

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For me is like not having the undo/redo function. Sometimes I use cmd+z without thinking and it’s always a problem with lack of data and I always decide to rewrite all the sentence on my own.

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We have plans to completely rewrite the undo as soon as the images and attachments update is out. Stay tuned!


I agree. This definitely needs to be the top priority after images/attachments. The undo feature has been slow and unresponsive in general since launch—like @giuliano above, I pretty much just ignore the feature entirely out of not wanting to risk it.

I frequently run into undo/redo errors simply because of the incredible lag I see when issuing either command. I hit ⌘-Z, then nothing seems to happen, so I hit it again… only to see it trigger twice because it was so delayed the first time I didn’t realize it was working.

Yes, I think the lag is indeed the main reason people have trouble. They see nothing happen and undo again, and before they know it, they have 4 undo steps and the whole note disappears.

Usually redo should bring back the changes, but this is also not that reliable.

Good news is that we have a plan for getting it working well and fast. Will get to it straight after images are out.

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Same problem here, the undo/redo is highly unreliable and some of my notes or chunks of text have completely disappeared.

As of now this unfortunately makes the app quite unusable as it really cannot be trusted. I hope you are able to release a fix soon!

Thank you for writing an excellent app, It’s so good that it’s become a big part of my workflow and I use it everyday.

Unfortunately this means I run into the undo/redo data corruption bug on a regular basis and like Axel said above, makes me not trust the app.

I’ll watch the thread here for news on the fix and can volunteer to test if you need me to.

We are going to start on this right away, now that images and attachments is done.


Firstly, thanks for your great work on images! Well done - hope you got some rest after.

Just wanted to leave a tip/trick for those struggling with habitually using Command+Z for undo. I have mapped Undo to a different keyboard shortcut to avoid invoking it accidentally and leading to unexpected/odd/incorrect behaviour that leads to data loss.

Hopefully this smooths the rocky journey for those struggling with missing undo like I am!

Sounds good, i’m looking forward to a solution. Just a quick reminder, it seems to happen mainly when using lists (bullet, numbered or dashes).

Guys, please let us know where you are on this fix. I’ve just lost a piece of text again and it’s insanely frustrating. Thank you

We hope to release the update fixing undo any day now, if you want you can already switch to the beta version for Mac.

Just installed the fresh update and started experimenting with Undo/Redo fixes—all seems to be resolved. ⌘Z response time seems to be great (instantaneous), and I couldn’t observe any strange behavior so far, this is already a vast improvement.

Thanks for listening and all of your work!

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