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I am looking for setting a daily agenda which will repeat on daily basis like regular thing you have to do every day, but have to keep in mind to check.

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But this is not what I am looking for. For example, If I have to check my person email, my company email, department mailbox, upload yesterday’s notes to server every morning. After I finish one by one, I want to mark as check when the things are done. But when tomorrow comes, I want all these to be “uncheck” because I have to do it everyday, and show me all of this in my to-do list.

I see what you mean, in that case I’d advise to simply make a note with your to-do list, pin it to the top of your project (premium feature) and/or put it on the agenda. And check things of as you go. The next day, simply select all the items in one go, and mark them as unchecked (Format > Lists > Mark as Unchecked, or Command-Control-C on Mac).

Thank you. But I still hope this idea can be a new feature for the next update. It can make the things much eaiser.

Not sure if I understand how you would see this feature work exactly?

An agenda can be changed from checked to uncheck (repeat on daily basis).

Yes, but are you suggesting a feature where they would automatically be reset every day?


Alexander Griekspoor community@agenda.com于2018年10月15日 周一上午6:04写道:

Don’t think that’s something we’re likely to add, but we will see if it can be made easier to reset the status of a checklist.

Ok thank you very much.

I have the same sort of thing going in Wunderlist. I have recurring tasks for my company invoices(like MailChimp, Trello etc). To keep track of which invoices i have sent to accounting for reimbursement i have set this task with a deadline on a specific date every month.
So when i tick off “MailChimp invoice” for the 17 october it will renew the task with a new date 17 november. This resembles the way Outlook works for recurrings events.

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Reminders integration may also solve this somehow. Reminders can be set to repeat daily, so once you complete a task, it will reset once the clock hits 12:01am. If iOS Reminders can be integrated into the body of Agenda notes, this might fulfill OP’s need, without having to completely overhaul checklists in the app.

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Thank you for sharing.

New user here…

I am also interested in a daily task list that refreshes to unchecked every day. On a day-to-day basis I need to remember to put in notes, check my CRM, send updates to customers, etc. It’s a lot and a daily checklist would be extremely helpful. I understand “uncheck all” accomplishes the task, but then the task of unchecking ends up needing to be on my daily list of things to do.

Not a dealbreaker by any means, Agenda is superb! By far my favorite note-taking app and I’ve tried them all

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