Custom Fields

I’d love to see a future release support custom fields to store data about both notes and projects.

For example, if my Project is “Sony” and I’m keeping track of notes from my meetings with Sony, I always want to, at a glance, be able to see stuff about Sony like their Monthly revenue, their spend with me, contract renewal date, etc.

I know I can use a template to populate that in each note, but I’d love it as a custom field right within the project details or a note itself.

If there’s an existing way to do this, I’d love to hear more about what people are doing.

I don’t think this is a route we’ll be taking, the idea is that you can enter detail and organise notes and text in any way you want within a project, that should give you plenty of options to set things up in a way similar to having fields. For example, simply start each note with the same line or tags. In fact, what you describe sounds exactly like the workflow I describe as Example 5 in this article using a pinned note:

Another option is to have the data points you want at a glance be in a note that’s pinned to the top of your “Sony” project. It’ll make for a quick reference card that you don’t need to search within the project for.

You may also want to create a specific tag for those types of notes, ie “#clientProfile", so that if you wanted to see all your client profiles at once across projects you can search for that tag…premium version allows you to save those searches, so you can be one click away from a basic CRM record review. Using Alex’s suggestion for templates can have you create your “client card” that already has the needed fields and the tag so all you need to do is fill in the blanks…

I think I’m going to use a combination of pinned items and TextExpander.

That’ll get me (close enough to) what I want.

This is indeed exactly that example, I think it works very well for a wide range of use cases.