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Recently I made this topic: Better way to create reminders

I believe it is a pretty good way to create tasks in agenda while also creating reminders, however, I don’t know if it will ever come true. I decided to do my own shortcut for this, however, Agenda shortcuts seems to lack a “create agenda task” (syncing the task to the respective reminder) option, therefore, I can manage to create apple reminders with that, but can’t create agenda tasks. I’d like to know if I’m missing something and if there is or will be added a way to solve that

Agenda doesn’t really have tasks per se. It has checklists. To add a task to a checklist, I think you should be able to just append markdown for a checklist. Eg. “[] this is a task”

Did you perhaps mean that you wanted to add a reminder to the task?

Yeah, I meant the checklists as tasks in both topics. What I intend to do in the mentioned topic is select the text related to it, press the right button, click add reminder and add an apple reminder to each item (similar to the way works right now, but now it adds a reminder only to the latest item), with indented checklists being considered subtasks. A new option, when there are multiple tasks, is to choose a defined time interval between them.

In this particular topic, my idea is to be able to do the above using shortcuts. Select a text in a note, convert it to markdown, separate its itens by a “-“ (considering a markdown checklist is “-[ ]”) and create reminders the same way above. The only issue is that there isn’t a shortcut option to sync every checklist item to the followed apple reminder. The consequence is that you can’t check a reminder created this way as done (in reminders) and expect it to be done in Agenda checklist.

Examples of what I mean below:
The feature I want:

As you can see, the reminder gets added only to the latest item (It is in portuguese, and “lembrete” means “reminder”)

The shortcut limitation:

It is in portuguese as well, this shortcut wouldn’t work that way, it would probably require a dictionary, but it is there just to ilustrate.

And if you put \remind at the end of each line in the text, it doesn’t work? I would have thought putting that in the markdown would create a reminder on each line.

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Oh, I didn’t know about that. How do I set a date for that reminder? Gonna probably work, but I still would like to suggest the above feature, if possible (highlight > add each as reminder). Is there any topic with these markdown features?

EDIT: NVM, I found it: Text Actions Cheat Sheet

This is so powerful! Thanks

Yeah, pretty powerful. I believe the remind action has a bunch of settings, like date.

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For a complete overview, see Text Actions Cheat Sheet

This didn’t work for me. I’m trying to append \remind but nothing gets added to the note.

Also wanted to note that I tried the solution found here to no avail

Unfortunately for technical reasons the remind syntax and a few other text actions cannot be triggered from Shortcuts at the moment, we’ll see if this can be improved in the future.

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That’s quite unfortunate because it was my plan. So, please, consider adding the option I said (adding multiple reminders with a standard interval). It could even grab inline date information! Thanks for all the support

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