Creating a reminder with Shortcuts

Loving the new Reminders integrations and already finding ways to use them in Shortcuts!

Previously, my Idea to Agenda shortcut would send text to a new Agenda note through the URL scheme and, separately, add a reminder for a day or a week later. Now, I set Shortcuts to automatically add the \remind(+1day) command to the text being passed through. Now, the reminder is linked to the note!

But I noticed that while Agenda recognizes the \remind action, it only “half-creates” the reminder—it creates it in Agenda but it doesn’t create it in Reminders until I tap the clock symbol in the Agenda note and tap Save on the Edit Reminder screen. Then, it’s fully saved and created in Reminders.

It’s so much better to have the reminder embedded in the note than it was to create both of them separately! But it would be perfect if this last step wasn’t required so that Shortcuts could fully create the reminder when the command is passed through the URL scheme.

Hope it’s possible! Thanks!

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Glad you like it and makes total sense, we’ll do our best to add x-callback-url support for creating reminders.