Creating Reminders based on Agenda items

When you create a Reminder item from Agenda, the linkback URL of the reminder, i.e.:


Is put in the note of the reminder. This work OK on macOS, but the link doesn’t work on iOS.

In macOS Catalina, there is explicitly a URL field for this purpose, which works OK on macOS and iOS, I actually tried cutting the URL from the “Notes” field of the Reminder, and pasting it to the “URL” field of the reminder on macOS, and this made it work both on macOS and iOS.

Any chance this functionailty could be fixed so the URL is stored in the … URL field?

This is a long and painful thing for us. The short story is that it is not our fault. It’s a bug in Apple’s new Reminders/OS. We actually do set the URL field, but it doesn’t get taken over by Apple’s frameworks.

For the long store, see here: URL of note put in wrong reminder field - #2

In addition to what @drewmccormack writes, the article also mentions the instructions to file feedback with Apple to resolve these issues, all help is appreciated!

Got it. URLs in the Notes field have never worked in Reminders on iOS (a longstanding frustration). Having the URL field actually work sounds like it’s the right approach, given it’s new (and one would assume, designed to be used specifically for this purpose). I’ll follow up with specific feedback :slight_smile:

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Just signed up for Premium and this appears to still be broken in Agenda, but the outstanding issue was resolved in iPadOS 14. Does this still not work via Agenda? I’ve tested it in another app and it works. Thoughts?

Unless they fixed it in a point update, we’ll test it again.


Did you get a chance to test?

Not yet alas, still on the list.