Better way to create reminders

Currently you must add reminders one by one. Also reminders can’t understand tags coming from Agenda, so these are my suggestions:

  1. You add your todo list like:
    -[ ] Groceries
    –[ ] Meat
    –[ ] Grapes
    –[ ] Onions
    -[ ] Wash Clothing

To add all simultaneously, you could then highlight all of them, right click > add reminder.
It would then ask a date and time. Indented tasks become subtasks of the above. Other tasks will become tasks within the same date, but with a time interval requested, such as: 1 hour later, half an hour later.
If you eventually didn’t manage to solve then, you can reschedule by doing the same proccess.

  1. Tags:
    If you add tags in your reminder title, it doesn’t gets recognised . It would be nice if Agenda somehow managed to make reminders get that tag as a reminder tag. Then you can create smart lists using tag as filters, even tough they were created in Agenda.
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Awaiting an official reply, but I think Apple doesn’t allow 3rd parties to mess with their tags (or Reminder folders, etc.) for some unknown reason.

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