Create Agenda note with pre-filled Rich Text



I will be using Agenda for journalling, amongst other things. I will need to create notes each day using a template that has some italicized headings, carriage returns, etc. Then, I will add appropriate text for that day.

I understand there is a callback url scheme, but I don’t think this can be used with rich text.

Can I accomplish this using Shortcuts?



You can use it with plain text, but use markdown formatting to get headings etc. That should work. Eg. For a heading, you use “# This is a heading”

Another option is to just copy the content of a “template note” each day. You could also use a tool like TextExpander.


This makes sense. Thank you for the rapid reply. Off to create some shortcuts!


Also make sure to have a look at this post which goes more into the use of template tools: