Collaboration - sharing notes, projects

This would be the perfect app if the proper colloboration between team members becomes possible. I will wait for this feature before leaving a 5 star review despite I love the app.


Please, make collaboration features between Agenda users. It’s very very important thing!

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We are starting to think about this in more detail now. It’s a big project, but definitely on our radar.


Just a quick +1 for this. It would really enable me to replace some of the things I’m collaborating on using Reminders and even Google Docs for, all in one fell swoop.

You shouldn’t have to wait long. Finishing this project up now, and should be part of a major update in the coming few months. Certainly this year.


1+ for collaboration.

I would love the idea of being able to collaborate around an event-related note.

For example, my team has a regular staff meeting every Tuesday at 2pm that is on our shared calendar. I would love to be able to click that calendar event and create a shared note with the participants that becomes our meeting notes.

Great suggestion, we’ll keep it in mind.

Not intending to add pressure, but is this something we are going to see this year still? Really looking forward to being able to collaborate, even if just being able to share a view with updates, without having to share again.

I’m afraid this, and another project, have been quite delayed. We have revised our planning somewhat, and collaboration has been pushed back several months.

The good news is that it is in the last phases of development. It really exists. It’s not just an empty promise.

The bad news is that we have another project to push out first. We hope to have a beta for Agenda 14 early in the new year. Once that is out, we will put out a beta for collaboration, probably called Agenda 15.

Sorry for the delay, and thanks for the patience.


Ah, the reason not to announce…

I have a friend whose standard email signature is “Thanks for your patience,” used even when he wasn’t behind, perhaps anticipating the need.

Looking forward to surprise; ‘Tis the season…

Hi Drew and the Agenda team,

I hope development of Agenda’s collaboration feature(s) is going well. I’ve just renewed my subscription to support your work, and in anticipation of collaboration between team members in Agenda being released at some point in the future.

Unfortunately, without this feature my team is unable to use Agenda for our work (we have tried). So we’ll stick to GoogleDocs for collaborative team agenda setting, planning and minute taking. I think the need for collaboration in Agenda has perhaps been increased due to pretty much all our meetings since the pandemic being held remotely. A collaborative Agenda environment in which to manage work meetings would be fantastic — certainly better than the GoogleDocs compromise we currently use!

Thanks for all your hard work on improving Agenda, and best of luck with its development.


Again, sorry for the delay with this. It has actually been mostly working for nearly a year, which makes it all the more frustrating.

Agenda 15 has collaboration, and we plan to release it this fall.

Kind regards,