Being able to drag notes into their own separate pop-up window

Hi Agenda team! Firstly, thank you for an amazing product.

The way I currently use Agenda involves having it opened in a separate desktop space than the one I’m currently working out of.

I’m on video calls very often through a browser, and since I need to take notes while participating in the meeting, I usually have to open up a macOS-native sticky note besides the main browser window to take notes in. This allows me to view the meeting and take notes at the same time.

Being able to drag a note out of the main Agenda window and have it open up as a pop-up of its own would allow me to ditch the macOS native Stickies app and take notes in Agenda directly.

This should also help with anyone who is looking for a “focus mode” solution as this should help them look at just one note at a time.

Thank you, and I appreciate any suggestions on how I can improve my workflow!


We hear you. Actually, this exact feature has been on our plate for a while. Now…we just have to get those other high priority features out of the way… :wink:

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Appreciate the response, Drew!

Where would I be able to find the high priority requests that the Agenda team is currently working on? I’d love to find out what’s coming up :smile: