Automatic remind for notes review



As we all know, people can forget or leave the notes they took 1month ago and never read it within 1year or longer time. Is it possible for “Agenda" to realize this kind of automatic notification to remind user of reviewing the notes which might be forgotten in several days.


One way of doing this might be to:

  1. Get in to the habit of marking notes that you have finished with as ‘done’ (right click the cirle to the right of the note title).
  2. All other remaining notes will therefore presumably be notes you haven’t finished with
  3. Create a saved search for ‘notes not marked as done’

Though as I write this, I realise I have not idea how to search for that! @mekentosj can you advise?

When the search function allows Boolean searches (planned I believe), one could then have a more subtle search for such notes - like: Not done AND Not On The Agenda AND Older Than 1 week

This wouldn’t of course create an automatic notification. However, one of the things I’m coming to appreciate about Agenda is that it requires me to develop good habits and not rely on automation.

I have a pinned note that I refer to every Monday that lists various admin tasks I have to do, such as book keeping, and it also tells me to search on #admin to find any notes with admin tasks. I can see myself adding a search like ‘Not done’ Notes which I would then review and deal with - in many cases that would probably be marking them as done.


If you have a date on those notes, you can search for notes dated a year ago. Would be a way to review, but not exactly what you want.

Having notes in chronological order should make it quite easy to go to the bottom of a project, and skim through the notes to check.



Can one search for notes that are not marked Done?


I solve for this by adding tags to notes that I know i want to revisit so they are searchable until the point that “todo” or the “open” item is completed and I drop the tag. Makes it easier to note the things I care about revisiting than having to mark every note as done


Not yet, we hope to allow this in the future.


Hi, My first post :). If I use a checklist button for tasks, can’t I see/search for which ones are unchecked? I think adding dates to text is not very convenient, unless you can point out an easy way.

I thought that was what On The Agenda was for?



On the Agenda is really for flagging notes that are currently actively worked on. I usually flag the 3-4 notes that are very important for the next day or two, so I can quickly locate them at any time. When done, I remove them from the Agenda.


On The Agenda seems to just scroll thru the projects from begining to the end not flagging/filtering anything. It even shows my checked off items. How and what does it flag? Is this configurable, say not show checked off items?

Removing them? You mean deleting and loosing a record of was done.

It would be nice if the checklist items/tasks added a date when checked off as done. Is there an easy way to add a done date? Like a #Done(today)?

In general I don’t see an quick way to date an entry other than typing it in.



I get the feeling you may be confusing checklist tasks with whole notes. Agenda puts a date on the whole note, not the individual checklist items. It is a note taking app, as opposed to a task manager like Things or OmniFocus.



I’m often confused or confusing. In time I may decide Agenda does not work for me. It has been less than a week. We all have our preferred ways of doing things so after learning about Agenda I may find it does not work for me, I want a way to record my thoughts and meeting notes when I’m away from my PC. Some of my thoughts will be tasks and some will need to be ported for use on my PC or put in emails on my iPad.

When I write up notes for myself and clients, related tasks come to mind. So my notes contain followup checklists which when checked off I don’t need to see, but I don’t mind seeing them. Now I am adding a #Done(today) to my checked items see if that is worthwhile.

So I am practicing/learning Agends by writing up notes on how to do backups for my websites for distribution to my clients, creating some blog content, vacation planning, etc. As I do so tasks come up for me to do. I don’t want to jump into a task manager app.

When I take notes on my experiences with the Agenda app I use a checklist for things I need to followup on, like how to best get my blog content to my PC using Dropbox (or using EverNote) for entry on my website. I would like to try HTML and Markup, but only after I get better at sharing Agenda notes primarily to my PC.

Maybe Agenda is the wrong tool for this job, but I will try it for awhile.



Hi Larry,

Make sure to have a look at some of the examples I describe in this article (and in general in some of the Talk articles where others describe their workflows):

What you describe sounds like it could use the workflow where you always create a new “Next time”, “Follow up”, or “To Do” (whichever term you think fits best) note at the top where you accumulate items you need to do/follow up. When you have the client meeting you assign a date to that note and also create a new “next time” note where you push the things to that you either didn’t get to or that were new items derived from the meeting. It’s something that has worked/works very well for me.