Agenda Roadmap for the near future

Hi Agenda Team,

First of all, I am a very satisfied user of Agenda and because of that I have just renewed for another 12 months worth of updates. Great job, excellent communication and feedback exchange with your community and, above all, a great product that saves me a ton of work.

There used to be a topic (I can’t seem to find it now), showing your top priorities and what one can expect from the nearest updates. Is that still available? Considering your current business model, I think its fair to the users that we get to see what might be coming when considering to renew or not the license with you. I personally trust you will make this product better so I did my renewal even though I couldnt find the topic, but I am very curious for the next bits of your history!

Thank you!


Unfortunately without time specification, but that is more than understandable…


Thanks! Exactly what I was looking after.


In general, we know what we want to do, because we hear a lot from customers. But putting exact time frames on things is more difficult. They go slower than expected, or other priorities take over (eg Apple’s new OSes).

We do tend to know what we are working on in the coming months. For me that is tables. Hope they will be out by the end of 2020 or early 2021.

Thanks Drew!

Tables is definitely an important thing for me too so I am happy to hear that is coming relatively soon!