Agenda links break after moving a note

Copy an agenda link to a note and paste it to an app.
Move the note to another project.

What happens: link no longer works
What is expected: link stays to note regardless of what project it is in.

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Thanks for reporting. This is indeed a known issue. We will try to find a workaround in future.


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Would it be possible to have links looking like Trello-links? The link stays the same regardless of renaming or moving individual cards.

This is complicated by the way Agenda works with data. We will see if we can come up with a solution.

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More than a year and still not working.
Are you aware of the importance of this?
All shortcuts & applescripts based on the ability to link to notes from/to bears, things, trello, devon, omnifocus, etc…useless.
Sorry to say but looks like a bad design decision that should have been fixed long ago.
An unique identifier should never depend on the container where the object may temporarily be located. Otherwise it becomes useless the moment you change the location as it’s happening right now.
As a customer I need to know when are you planning to fix this, if you are planing to do it at all.
Thanks in advance

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Yes, this has become increasingly frustrating. Basically I link to the note and don’t move it as a work around… for now…

I’m not going to get into technical details, but a unique id does often have to change. It’s much more complicated than you are assuming. You are completely ignoring duplication events like copy/paste, import/export etc. It’s nowhere near that simple.

As I stated multiple times, we have plans to fix this. It’s high on the priority list.

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Awesome! Thank you!

As a customer of yours I’m taking the time to give you feedback of something I consider of upmost importance. I took the time to go throught you roadmap and found no future plans to address this problem. I found you are working or planing to work on functionality that is way less important in my opinion. I don’t care about dark mode or pencil support as much as note’s link persistance, for instance. And let me tell you that many people would agree with me on this.
But, if you find your customers value more the dark mode feature then be it. It’s your product after all. But be aware that this is an issue that will make other kind of users look for alternatives, less fancy but better designed. And yes, I consider this to be a design flaw. Something that you should have thought up front.

By the way, I never said & assumed it was simple.
And yes, you stated multiple time this was a priority and that you have plans to fix it and yet a year later here we are. It’s ok, it’s your product, you decide.

As a final note, I might be wrong but seams to me that my question has bothered you.
If you struggle to accept feedback from customers you should not be selling software or have a customer support role. It’s not a good idea to set wrong expectations to your customers or even worse give unappropiate anwers. I have way many more years of software development experience than you. Do not assume you customers are all ignorant.

Anyway, I wish you the best luck and I hope you take the right decisions.


I think the roadmap quite clearly states that this is a list of things we’d like to do but nowhere near a definite list of the only things we’ll do. So that fact that it’s not on there doesn’t mean we won’t address it. I’ll take your feedback on board though and instead will add it to The issues we are fixing right now…

Sure, many will agree, but equally many people don’t use Agenda links and therefore couldn’t care less. This is always true for any feature, for any bug, etc. Take localisation for instance, you’ll happily agree I’d assume that any English speaker couldn’t care less whether Agenda would be available in Chinese and you’d prioritise fixing this issue 100x over adding the Chinese version. But for many Chinese users Agenda is currently not an option at all, they won’t even get to making an Agenda links. Guess what the top most common topic is in reviews and emails we receive? Again, it’s a really tough balancing act.

A design flaw, perhaps. Something we should have thought up front, perhaps, and while I can’t recall I’m pretty sure we must have. But if we wouldn’t have had to fix and address all possible things we have thought off, the first version of Agenda would still not have shipped. Again, that’s the nature of software.

I’m afraid you’re making the wrong interpretation. Your question hasn’t bothered us (speaking for @drewmccormack here as well), we simply try to give you an insight into why it hasn’t been fixed yet.

To be honest I’m a bit disappointed you end with a remark like this. Aside of the fact that you don’t know whether it’s true (many more years?), and that it’s irrelevant (the only thing that matters is whether we have enough experience in software development, which I think we do), we certainly never assume our customers are ignorant. It’s a simple fact that many of our users are unaware what the technical details are behind certain issues, which is perfectly fine, they don’t need to know. I always believe it’s better to over explain and assume that people are unaware than to assume everybody has an IT background. I don’t see how that would mean we believe everybody is ignorant.


Quick Update: we’ve just added the necessary underpinnings that ensure that (newly created) Agenda links will continue to resolve also after a note is moved to a different project. Note that this will be part of the update after the iOS13 and iPadOS updates are out because those are already submitted and pending Apple’s releases.

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