Agenda 14

Best to add a post here: Can I join the iOS Beta?

We will invite people when the beta is about to begin.

Hold up it’s just the two of you working on this??

Yes, see The Next Box™ – The story of how Agenda came about

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Hello guys, is there any news about the 14 Beta version? Thanks! :blush:

Yes, see

Nice! I can’t believe that I have been on time to ask…: :blush:

Update: Dear all, you’ll be pleased to hear that Agenda 14 is now available, you can see it in action here and find the release notes here


Alex, thank you! It certainly looks like you and @drewmccormack most definitely hit it out of the park with this version! Wow! :open_mouth: It not only looks great, but the new features will save so much time going forward! :+1::+1: I must agree with you that there was a lot going on in the world — to put it mildly. So, considering this along with the countless hours that obviously went into this version, any sensible person should not only understand why it took so long, but that speeding through it simply would have ensured quite the opposite set of results.

No app is perfect. It simply can’t be. Sure, I experience small issues here and there, but when a single app replaces a handful of disparate apps and consistently works well enough to not piss you off — yeah — that really does say a lot!

I’ve been using Agenda now for just a couple of years and though I was quite impressed when I first discovered the app, I cannot believe how much more usable it has become since! You guys are doing a phenomenal job and I certainly hope the app keeps providing for you in the years to come!

Be well, and please don’t stop doing what you’re doing!

~ Jay

P.S. The outtakes were hilarious! :joy::ok_hand:


That’s super kind of you to say, reactions like yours are a big part of the motivation to keep working on Agenda! Must say it does feel good to round up almost a year of work into a release, it has become quite a marathon this one :smiley: And part of the excitement is knowing we can now move on to the next chapter!

Glad you liked the guest appearance :smiley: :dog:


Great work @mekentosj and @drewmccormack. Proud user and supporter since almost day one!

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Thank you for your support @interlude21!

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