Agenda 14

Just curious if anyone knows what is comming to Agenda 14. Will we see autocompletion of tags? Would love a teaser of what the theme of Agenda 14 will be thanks. @mekentosj

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Don’t think we are ready for a teaser yet, and don’t want to give too much away just yet. But tag autocomplete is certainly being worked, and another long running project. Hope to have something in the coming months.


Will tags work with Apple’s tags?

No, they are the same internal tags we already have. We are just improving them a lot.

Hmm, is there a possibility they can be in sync, so one’s brain can also be in sync?

Apple’s tags apply to files, so not sure how that would apply to Agenda. Or do you mean that you’d just like to have the same set of tags available in Agenda as you use in the Finder?

Any update on when Agenda 14 will be released to beta testers? Been enthusiastic about it based on the tidbits we heard so far. (Just a simple question, not to rush anything) :grinning:

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It’s indeed a pity we haven’t been able to ship the beta yet :frowning: The under-the-hood changes for Agenda 14 turned out to be bigger than we thought we would need to make. The good news is that it will bring some significant performance improvements in addition to preparing us for a number of other features people have asked for, hopefully resulting in a quicker pace the coming year. We aim to have the beta ready in January. Thanks for your patience!


No hurry. Better to offer a good beta - and not an alpha version.

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Especially because this update requires quite an extensive migration of your library we don’t want to take things lightly indeed.


A big pressure on you, seems to me.


as an end user, I would rather prefer to have more iterative approach to the updates, not a big steps, i.e. Agenda 13.183.988 (, as opposed to the months delayed updates for a few reasons:

  • my bugs reported a while ago are still not fixed
  • you are using velocity
  • I feel like I’m using a dead product
  • last, but not the least, I’m not getting anything for a few months in a year I’m supposed to get new features for free

I understand you don’t want to push unsteady builds and I’m all in for that (especially since I am the one worrying very much about the database corruption), but I would highly appreciate if you can take this feedback to the future releases.


We hear you and to make a few things clear that might not be immediately obvious:

  • the Agenda version numbering is a bit unique in that we switch to the next major version each time we add a new premium feature, which means that the changes between say Agenda X and Agenda X+1 are not necessarily as big as you might think based on more classic version 1.0 vs 2.0 etc.

  • in general we indeed try to stick to a more iterative approach; again the version number is a bit misleading in this respect.

Alas this time around, the release from version 13 to 14 took much longer than normal, too long also if you ask us, we agree there. Unfortunately this was caused by two things:

  1. this year wasn’t very easy from a personal point of view, kids at home, some other personal challenges etc unfortunately have a direct impact on things if you’re only two men in a garage

  2. in order to implement a number of features we’d like to bring in both Agenda 14, but also beyond, required some significant under-the-hood changes we would have to take on at some point in time.

The combination of the two didn’t help. As said, the bulk of the work is behind us so we hope to pick up our regular pace again in 2022…


Thank you for sharing.

Hard times happens to everyone, wish you two guys to have all the best in a year to come, from both personal and work perspective!

With all love and support to you,
Your customer Alex.


Sorry to hear about your difficulties. Hope things have stabilized since. :slight_smile:

What would it take to get on the beta train in January? I’m a heavy Agenda user and the lack of autocomplete for tags and mentions is a real pain, so if I could get it sooner by being on the beta I’m willing to deal with the potential instability.

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I’ve added you to the beta, you should get a notification once the first beta goes out.

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I would appreciate an invitation to a beta train as well. I’m getting ready to jump back to Notes (yet again) but trying to hang on with Agenda.

Hopefully will get it before my Pro expires :slight_smile:

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Awesome! Looking forward to it.

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I would love to be added to beta 14.
Thank you
John Zito

Thanks for your effort guys, I’m still with Agenda since a long time. Not a hard users as maybe heaps of you, but still integration to calendar/ reminders and collaboration with my Devonthink is a point i wouldn’t miss.
Appreciate your hard work and yeah actually the situation isn’t for everyone very easy.
Happy to see version 14 soon :+1: