Adding Time to A Note's Date

Hi, is there a way to add time of the note in addition to the date so I can have the notes ordered chronologically, i.e., have a note done at 3PM to appear above a note that’s done at 1PM?



I too would find this useful.

If you want to assign a date + time to a note you are basically saying it belongs to an “event”, hence I would suggest to in those cases create a calendar event for it (either from Agenda directly or in the Calendar app) and then link your note against it.

I will give this a try and see how it effects my calendar.

I can see your suggestion working in a number of cases, though I was thinking more of adding a time for two scenarios:

  1. Logging the sequence of occurrences on a single day, or
  2. Making notes that relate to particular day & time, but not to an actual event per se.

Agree with @beilnarman. I think not all notes belong to an actual event. It could be notes from reading an online article that I would like to save down but would like to understand the context around the notes so the time is important. For example, a note could be thoughts related to certain market developments throughout the day so it would be hard / big annoyance to having to add an event to each note. I can certainly create another calendar in iOS to accommodate this but it’s quite a bit of work just to track the time of the note… Plus there could be multiple notes back-to-back from different projects/categories as well - I can see this calendar getting pretty messy pretty quickly…

I think in the examples both you and @beilnarman mention I’d be rather thinking about an inline time stamp rather than assigning the entire note to a certain date+time. I can see the example of say doing a book or article report and wanting to assign a date to that note, but in those cases I find it hard to believe you really need the granularity of the time, and I’d argue the day that you read the article or finished the book is probably granular enough. If you need the exact time you did something I’d then just write this down in the note itself.

I’m up for trying in-line time stamps… How would I add such a stamp within the text of a note?

We don’t have a short cut yet, something we’d like to bring in a future update. In the mean time you could use for example TextExpander, more on that here: