Add shortcut to open current meeting quickly

I often go into a meeting, listen to what’s going on, hear something interesting and only then remember I should have had Agenda ready. So I go to Agenda, have to fiddle with the calendar icon, select Today, move the cursor over the current meeting icon, to go to today, find the current meeting, click on it, click on “Add new note Linked to this Event”, select the project, and then only have the note pop up. By that time I’ve not only sometimes forgot what I was going to write, but I was also not able to concentrate on what was said during the 15-20 seconds in between.
If it doesn’t exist yet, it would be great if there was a menu item/shortcut to just bring up the current meeting and let people type in there directly, allowing them to select an associated project when they want and not force them to select it when it opens.
If this does exist, how does one do it?

Are you on iOS or Mac?

If you are on Mac, have a read of this and see if would work.

You could also split off any notes you need to keep after the meeting (into their own specific note).

Hi Nick,
Thanks for your reply. I’m on Mac and will try your solution which does what I want. I do wish though that the Agenda Folks would add a built-in feature like this in Agenda. Right now it’s too cluttered and takes too long to get to the note you need. I’ve seen the feature list they’re working on, but nothing in there seems as important to me as this feature here.

Yes, this would be really helpful.

A simple change that would help would be an Inbox, where all new notes are saved unless you choose somewhere else. So click + and then hit return to create a note in the Inbox. Then move it later.

Or you want to create a note somewhere else, click + then navigate as usual.

Inbox has been mentioned by the devs a few times.


I very much agree.

Definitely an inbox dumping bucket would be ideal and useful. Sometimes I just want to take a note without having to think about where I want to put it. Not having this option actually deters me from using Agenda and I fall back to apple notes and then later sort them.

We have something on the roll to address this, planned for later this year.


That’s great news. I would also find very useful, as my post mentioned, to have a shortcut to quickly open the current meeting instead of spending 15 seconds to find it.