Academic Workflows

Hello folks!

I will soon start working on my doctoral thesis and look for helpful workflows. I hope that I can use the agenda for this and many other aspects that I have to organize.

Let me hear about your experiences :slight_smiling:


We’re all ourselves ex-scientists, hence a lot of the ideas we have put into Agenda originate from those days already. Agenda should be able to help you keep track of your progress regarding your thesis, meetings with your supervisor, team meetings with colleagues, conferences, etc. You might also want to check out this article for some ideas of keeping track of things that you could translate to your area:

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I think I just realized how Agenda will be useful for me.

I’m a Things 3 user already and I love it. However with very open ended work, such as a thesis, I find that a project gets cluttered with time. Things 3 is perfect for work with less uncertainty and changes in direction where you just need to cross of a bunch of things in succession and you’re done.

But a thesis and much scientific / engineering work is more messy and I think the format for Agenda might be better for that. I’d miss the “Upcoming” view from Things 3, which I use for week planning. I could see myself move away from weekly planning and use Agenda for the “main” work and Things 3 for side projects and more predicable work :thinking: