You Definitely Need A Trash

Through quirks in the program I have had files get deleted. I just almost unwittingly deleted all the contenct of a notebook - not by deleting the notebook itself, but by deleting a single note.

If I hadn’t noticed soon after and had been able to undo the last few steps I would have lost all those notes for good. That scares me a lot about Agenda.

You definitely need a trash container for Agenda where all deleted notes go first, and that can easily be restored. I feel like this should go to the top of the list. Otherwise, it’s a ticking time bomb and you’ll probably have some really pissed off customers, sooner rather than later. That would be ashame because it’s an amazing app.


It’s indeed something we’d like to add, both a trash and archive.


Oh ya. This one makes my top ONE feature request. Font size et al, pales in comparison. And I would be one of those pissed off customers.


Guys- as I come to rely on Agenda for more things, I’m struck by what I consider a major deficiency in the app. I’m seriously debating whether I should put my usage on hold until the app provides better defined method of Trash recovery AND full automatic/manual periodic backup. I get the concept that you are a small team with a finite amount of time to devote to developing the app. I’m only guessing the amount of time you have devoted to the attachments feature, but let me offer that I for one will sparingly use the app with this feature IF I’m not confident that any important attachment will not be lost. I am aware that there are no guarantees in backup and recovery, but unless I’m missing something I see little in the way of recovery provided by the app for user error or app crash. I won’t go as far as to say its irresponsible not to provide the feature at this stage of the app’s development, but…please give IT more consideration.

The full automatic/manual periodic backup is something we feel is outside the scope of Agenda, that’s something we’d consider more the realm of tools like Arc or Time Machine. We have some ideas in this area for slightly different purposes, but that’s still a bit out.

A trash is something that is much higher on the list though and one of the things we hope to get at not too long after the images and attachment support is out.

For the sake of discussion, what if I only have an iPad?

Your Agenda library should be taken along with iCloud backups…

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But, in case of trouble would that require a full iDevice restore?

I’m afraid it does indeed.

Ok…well…that certainly changes MY 1st priority feature request for the iOS app version!

Not a new one, either…

I hope the trash can be added as soon as possible, I delete a note and can’t revocation now!!

How about a confirm delete dialog box so it requires an additional approval before deleting a note?

On the Mac it already enforces such dialog indeed since the last update, on iOS deleting a note and project is always a two step process.

I am on iOS v5.1.
I get a delete confirmation when I delete a category and when I delete a project but I am not seeing one when I delete a note.

On iOS that’s correct, the confirmation is implicit by the fact that you need to both select the menu from the cog wheel menu and then in a second step, acting as a confirmation, select to delete the note. We feel you’re a lot less likely to delete a note by accident than through a keyboard shortcut for example on the Mac.

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Tapping on the cog wheel is not one step to delete. It is a step for different operations. That means there is high chance that we accidentally tap on the delete note button when choosing other intentioned choices in the cog wheel menu.

A prompt would help a lot if trash bin is still not coming anytime.

+1 On a trash and an archive.

Most definitely a trash bin. It’s a must in an app such as Agenda.

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You’ll be very happy with the next update I think :wink: