Institute a “Trash” project



Hello guys,

There should be a global “Trash” project. All deleted notes should be sent there, and only purging that should fully delete notes.

Right now, the no recovery situation is a bit jarring. It may be how you designed it, but I can see a Trash project pinned to the lower left, and then the rubbished notes sit in there indefinitely (or for a stated length?) and a right click will let you purge all. This is a more conventional approach, and will allow for more data recovery without much hassle.

What do you think?


You Definitely Need A Trash

Why not simply create a Category Z-Trash or similar with a project Trash (or Done or something similar) and then simply Move the completed notes to that project? I have a x-Fixed project in each category into which I move every finished note.


These seem two slightly different items, there’s deletion and archiving, both are areas where we have ideas on giving more options indeed.


The Z-trash is a fine workaround but not the “Recently Deleted” area/folder/project you would expect in normal Mac app nomenclature. I’m suggesting it simply as it is an expectation in modern Mac software to have this as expected behaviour. Z-trash as a workaround is completely fine, but doesn’t address conceptually that when people delete, they ass/u/me they have 30 days (like iOS notes).

I’m confident that there is a strategy so unless you guys want an unnecessary wireframe, I’m good.


And if space is a concern, then there could be a 30-day recovery limit.

Edit: I haven’t read the entire thread, just wanted to chip in as a digital hoarder.