X-callback-url Support and Reference



Sorry for not being clearer. I would like a callback that can open all agenda.app entries tagged with #todo. However as I have a saved overview that filers by this tag, I guess a callback to that saved overview would do the same thing. Is this possible?


I’m afraid it is not yet possible. We will extend the x-callback functions over time. For now we just added the very basics, namely appending some text to a note, and creating a new note. There is not querying of projects etc yet, but we certainly would like to do this.


Also very interested in this.


Since Agenda doesn’t support handwriting (yet), I use Nebo for handwriting and immediately get the converted text. I’d like to be able to share/export that into Agenda. The current model which is to Select All, Copy, change App, Paste is akward. It would be nice to just Share to Agenda, when I start Agenda, I get a message saying that a note was shared, where do you want to put it.


I’ll second that request!


Update: New in version 4.1 and higher

  • the open-project, open-note, create-note, and append-to-note actions now append a project or note result parameter to the x-success url containing the identifier of the created/changed project or note. This identifier can be used as input for subsequent action calls.
  • x-error parameters are now more informative.