Wish List for Teachers

There was an app called Confer that teachers used for anecdotal record keeping. It didn’t keep up with iOS updates so it no longer exists. I plan to try using Agenda as a replacement and I think it has the potential to be WAY better than Confer.

Some suggestions for possible added features for Agenda are:

  • being able to create a hashtag auto prompt list as teachers could then use this to quickly search and sort students for creating small group work
  • taking audio and video recordings
  • search across categories for files/folders inside so I could look at all the files of a student from the different subject categories

Thank you for making such a great product. I have tried so many different apps, such as Chronicle, Evernote and Confer. I like the “at a glance” look of Agenda the best and find it very user-friendly.

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Thanks for the feedback, the things you mention are definitely on our wishlist too, see also The features we are working on right now…