Windows computer

I use apple computer and windows computer, so i can´t use the Agenda in its entirety.
For that reason, I will not be able to have Agenda as my single app.


Thanks for the feedback!

We have not decided yet whether we will support Windows. It will likely be a while before we do, in any case.

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sorry to hear that :frowning: , what about webapp?


Same answer really. Not ruling it out, but no immediate plans. We just have too much still to do on iOS and Mac for the time being. Sorry.

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Any updates on this?

No. I’m afraid we still have a lot to do just to get the Apple products to a place we are happy with. If we do something for other platforms, it will be quite some time. Sorry.

It’s been another year since this question was asked? Any word on a windows or web app?

Alas, nothing new to add at this point, see The features we are working on right now… for a more detailed explanation of our current stance.

That’s too bad. It does demonstrate the dangers of commiting to one stack over a more open stack, doesn’t it? Using something like graphql, mongo, or postgres instead of icloud would have allowed you to extend to other platforms. The downside is that us as consumers suffer because a lot of us can’t/won’t buy only apple hardware and then we have to find a solution that is open. For example, I have an iphone, ipad, macbook pro, dell xps13 and a windows based gaming pc. I can use something like notion or which runs on anything (including linux, which I run as a vm). As a developer, myself, with 20+ years of experience, it’s been one thing I try to be aware of. Am I beling locked in or do I control my destiny? Those beautiful walled gardens are still walls.

Yes and no I guess. Sure, with an open stack you are more flexible, but it also means you have a LOT more infrastructure to build to begin with**, which in our case of a two-man band would mean months of work or not even being able to pull it of at all. So instead of we consciously decided to focus on perhaps a more limited group of people we can deliver a polished and awesome service, knowing we can’t service everybody, as opposed to having to spend a lot of time on infrastructure or being forced to build a much larger team.

In case you’re interested, I talked more on this topic here, explaining the trade offs and the choices we made: The Next Box™ – The story of how Agenda came about

**) unless you go with some other companies solutions, which brings you back to square one, and at least we know iCloud won’t go away overnight as some other service tend to get deprecated out of the blue. Second, not only build but also maintain a lot more infrastructure. We literally never have to worry about the cloud infrastructure at all, Apple takes care of literally everything, including costs not unimportantly.

I completely understand what you’re saying. It’s a trade off, I agree. It seems like in our line of work every choice has consequences. It does make it pretty fun. :slight_smile:

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For a two-man-project it is too much, of course. Just to develop Agenda for MacOS, iOS and iPadOS is enough I guess.
In my case: At work I use Windows (of course) and sometimes I would like to „copy“ text (Windows) and magically it comes up e.g. on the iPad to use „Paste“ in Agenda. Ok, I am used to the Mac-Hand-Off function.
I remember Omnifocus used an individual Omnigroup-mail-address (?) for importing content. E.g. I sent a mail from Windows to this address. In Omnifocus this adress was defined to import content.
Maybe this or something like this could be a little idea to build a bridge between these two worlds …

It’s a nice idea. Thank! We’ll keep it in mind.