Windows 10 desktop app?

I have a stoopit question I fear, but after googling… I have an iPhone with Agenda. I run my business on a Windows 10 laptop & 1Pad. Is there a Windows version for my desktop? To me, this piece is critical.
Thank you!


There isn’t one I’m afraid, nor will there be one in the immediate future, I’m afraid. We are not ruling out doing a Windows version in the future. Just not right now, because we already have a lot to do for iOS and macOS.

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Bummer. It would have been great. Any suggestions for a good app on windows?

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Alas, I’m not a windows user myself so can’t be of much help I’m afraid.

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Same issue here. Any plans for a web version? Would be a nice workaround for Windows


I strongly support a web version that would allow for a much more “multi platform” interaction. I am in the same situation as you are, work laptop is running windows 10 and I would love to be able to continue using Agenda for work. But if that isn’t a possibility, it becomes difficult to keep using it at all… :disappointed:


Yes same issue here, even a browser based version would be lovely. Won’t be able to use Agenda otherwise, as my office won’t give me a Mac. They say I am a writer and mostly useless as it is :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:


I have very mixed emotions about a browser based version. While I would love the access to Agenda if I don’t have my devices, I’m never without them so it is not much of an issue. And I get concerned that trying to keep a browser based version in sync with the features of a Mac/iOS/iPadOS version would mean that features are not implemented because of the nature of browser apps (lowest common denominator).

While I would recommend the Windows users consider getting Macs, I realize there are a variety of reasons why that may not be an option. And if Agenda ever decides to make a Windows version, I begrudging support it. I would prefer they continue to make strides with features in the Mac versions including some sort of integration with other Mac (and Mac-only) apple like Daylite. Where the rich note taking features of Agenda would be a terrific addition to Daylite for office productivity.

Just to keep this alive…sorry guys … I have found that I am wasting my time using this as I have to use Win 10 as well. I am forced to use MS OneNote in order to keep current on both platforms. I would much rather use Agenda!

I am a long time Mac advocate, but I am sorry to say 95% of the world is tilted the other way.



Hi, yes, this is also for me an important issue. My personal equipment is MAC (2 iMacs, 1 Macbook Pro, 1 iPad, 1iPhone,…), however at work I work with Windows for job’s compatibility sake. And there is no way of sharing the data inside Agenda. OneNOte is awesome but it is not a substitute of “our” Agenda in which we invested (and trust) so much. I “vote” for a web version, if it is not possible to mount a windows version (would Electron technology allow it?).

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As a Win10- iPad/iOS user, I have the same issue with so many apps, however I learned to just get used to this kinda circumstances.
While I myself use Taskade on desktop; Notion is always a great option to consider…

However, non of them are sth like an alternative to Agenda but they work!

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