Windows 10 desktop app?



I have a stoopit question I fear, but after googling… I have an iPhone with Agenda. I run my business on a Windows 10 laptop & 1Pad. Is there a Windows version for my desktop? To me, this piece is critical.
Thank you!


There isn’t one I’m afraid, nor will there be one in the immediate future, I’m afraid. We are not ruling out doing a Windows version in the future. Just not right now, because we already have a lot to do for iOS and macOS.


Bummer. It would have been great. Any suggestions for a good app on windows?

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Alas, I’m not a windows user myself so can’t be of much help I’m afraid.


Same issue here. Any plans for a web version? Would be a nice workaround for Windows


I strongly support a web version that would allow for a much more “multi platform” interaction. I am in the same situation as you are, work laptop is running windows 10 and I would love to be able to continue using Agenda for work. But if that isn’t a possibility, it becomes difficult to keep using it at all… :disappointed:


Yes same issue here, even a browser based version would be lovely. Won’t be able to use Agenda otherwise, as my office won’t give me a Mac. They say I am a writer and mostly useless as it is :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: