Will iOS Agenda allow to save a search

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What I expected: Allow to save a search for the next 7 days

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): IOS

Will IOS Agenda allow to save a search for the next 7 days undone notes and undone sub-notes ?


I’m not quite sure what you mean by “undone notes”. I guess you mean ones “off the agenda” (with yellow dot turned off).

You can certainly create a search for any note with a date in the next 7 days, and that is on the Agenda. You simply do the search with Search All, set the date range for the search filter, and check the yellow dot button next to the search filter. Then save the search.

What you can’t do is search for list items that are undone. I think that is what you mean by “sub-notes”. We do want to add this type of search in future, but it is not there yet.


Agenda use a very different approach than a task manager like 2Do, Things, GoodTask or NotePlan, it´s more like a project manager that pretend to use features from a task manager and for that cleaver integrates MacOS and IOS Calendar and Reminders as services, but for a projet manager is missing a timeline that we can print.

In my case I still have difficulty to search notes.
I use “On the Agenda” as it was notes currently ongoing and there are other notes that are still to be done but not yet active.
I think this is a basic search that every application should have.
If we can search for done or undone notes what´s the point to have the option to mark the note as done or not done.
In other point we use “On the Agenda” to search for not done notes it will be a big list of notes.
Integration with reminders should use the Reminder repeat feature, to make it easier user to create repeated reminders.

So I am still learning how to use Agenda correctly to fit my workflow.

Before I go to the premium version I will also need to know if in IOS app we can also add custom searches and witch kind of searches are available, where can I found this information ?
Does the IOS app use app icon badge notifications ?

I will appreciate if somebody give me some tips

Ah, I see what you mean. Yes, we do have a “done” setting for notes, but it indeed can’t be searched on yet, so is not that useful. We do have plans to add that search option later.

To track notes in the future, you have a few options: you could add a tag to these notes in the text (eg #future). Then you could Search All for #future and save it as a saved search “Future” (premium feature).

Other ways to deal with it might be pinning the note to the top of the project, or setting a future date so it appears at the top.

You could also make a saved search for a range of dates, such as the coming 7 days, and then give your notes dates. When they are coming up, they will appear in that saved search.

The iOS app also has saved searches, yes.

The searches you can make are the same as in the free version. You can search on date range; on-the-agenda setting; text; and tags/people. Basically, any search you can make in the free version can be saved as a automatically updating overview.

See Searching and Filtering

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Hi Drew.

Can I add my name to the list of those requesting the abililty to search on the “Mark as Done” field?

It seems an obvious omission, simple to include (maybe a toggle in the same way that filtering notes that are “On the Agenda” is presented) and would make my life easier when triaging notes that I’ve taken but yet to “process” to kick off related actions.

Yes, agreed. We would like to make some major changes in Search, and will improve that a the same time. But it is a big project, and working on some other major changes at the moment.