Width of notes area

I have probably just not found it so far, but is there an option to extend the width of the notes area or add an option to make its width dynamic? I have a big monitor with a high resolution and even with the sidebars visible, half of the screen is unused.

Thanks in advance for considering!

We stick to Apple’s “readable width” guidelines. When notes become too wide, text is difficult to read. So there is a cap. This cap is based on font size, so making the text size bigger is one way to get it wider, without getting too many words on each line.


There is actually a hidden preference on Mac that allows you to change the default value:

Does he not mean responsive?

The note size is responsive up until a maximum size, which is what the preference sets. In other words, if you set the preference value to 99999 it will keep using all the size of the window no matter how large.

Is there a setting for iPad too? A lot of wasted space on iPad in landscape mode when side panels are hidden

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Alas, on iPad there is no customisation option at the moment.

Is it possible to have a UI Setup option in a future release? Remember, I’m 80 :wink:

Alas, a balance between adding preferences and complexity and defining defaults that enough complain about. In this case we get very few requests and think it’s not worth adding UI for it (not in the least because explaining what exactly the preference would control and how to describe it wouldn’t be simple). Therefore there will be only the hidden (mac) preference I’m afraid.

Nope. That didn’t work for me. I quit and also tried trashing pref first, no go. oh well, not a bigee.