What to do with multiple project notes


I have notes which cover multiple projects, for example meeting notes where several projects are discussed. If I want to view all notes regarding a certain project I can’t use the project map because I will miss the meeting notes. I guess the only ways to solve this are global a search for a project or using tags. But it kind of makes seperate project maps less useful for me. I might as well do a search at all times when I want all my notes about a certain project (and store the notes of all my projects in a single map).

Or does anyone have a smart solution which I haven’t thought of? :slight_smile:


I’m looking to do something similar, & so far I’m just experimenting with tags :crossed_fingers::blush:


One solution is to create an “index” note where you add links to the various notes relating to the same topics. For example while developing the iOS version of Agenda I would have a pinned notes with links to other notes like "Sidebar, Related Panel, Preferences etc).


I have this problem. I’d love the ability for a note to belong to more than one project. (Ie it is in more than one folder, as an ‘alias, not a copy)

While I would also like to see subfolders, that will actually make the need for a solution to this problem more acute!

In the absence of that solution, I guess one could use tags, which would make the notes appear in the related side bar. But without a tag chooser or tag-autocompleter (yet?), I find it impossible to remember on the fly what tag names I’m already using! (Facilitation or facilitator; facilitator or facilitators; workshop or event; etc)


The disadvantage of an index note is that you have to keep it actual with every new note.

The disadvantage of tags is that you have to be disciplined to add tags to every new note.

In general I think this is a problem in every note app.


Yes, agreed, there’s no magical solution, it’s how far you go and how much energy you put in organising your notes. Plus finding a system that works for you. Agenda should have the basic building blocks to help you, though we’re the first to agree that we can still further improve things (e.g. the tag browser and auto-completion are a good example).


A tag chooser would definitely be a valuable thing, as I have exactly the same problem with remembering which ones I’ve set so I end up with a bunch of slight variations which need to be analgamated! I have an Organizing section where I’ve started listing them before they get completely out of hand :smile: @mekentosj


I would love to be able assign a note to mulitple projects. LInks and tags are nice, but don’t reallty acomplish what I want


One week user of Agenda, loving it but missing some things—tags list among that bc, as you say, it is hard to remember what tags have been created. I started a note called AGENDA TAGS and have to remember every time I add one—which makes me hesitant to use them freely. There is a solution out there, hopefully within my year of upgrades! Meanwhile, realizing that I do not go to Dynalist or Zenkit NEARLY as often now I’m using Agenda.


A tag browser and better ways to assign and edit them, including auto-completion, is definitely on our to do list.