What’s coming next?

Hi guys,
Any updates on what’s coming next?
seems like a while since significant new features deployed…

Version 10 is coming around the corner soon and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed by what it will bring…


Speaking of this, it’s seems a bit of a dilemma to me. Agenda will hopefully not end up bloated (after the features I want arec down, LoL) But that means foregoing development of some things. But then that cuts into the attractive ability of the payment model. Perhaps a small subscription in the “background” for those who want to maintain, would be a way of maintaining revenue without feeling the pressure of endless development. Either that, or, buy good investments while things are moving quickly and then slow down when you want to… :slight_smile:

With everything that is still on the list of The features we are working on right now… we don’t think we have anything to worry about the model not work for the years to come.

I’m sorry to ask but… is there a “when” for the update to come out? I started out by apologizing because I know how hard it is to forecast these things, but I need a tool where I’m able to share, i.e. from Safari and Spark (e-mail client), and see things better organized, visually speaking, i.e. through folders and subfolders (“Omnifocus”-style). As I live in Brazil, where we’re experiencing terrible exchange rates due to this freaking crisis, I must choose carefully where I’m (literally) putting my money on; and considering I’m an Agenda premium member already, it would be awesome to see those things becoming a reality (therefore, I wouldn’t need to spend more money).
Again, I apologize for making this kind of pressure but I’m at a crossroad…
Kind regards, Leo.

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Hopefully table and highlight will be include in next update :sweat_smile:

WHEN be a little longer because beta not released :sleeping:

The first beta of version 10 is now available. We’re aiming for the 3rd week of May for the final release.