What is Agenda REALLY for?



Me too! For some reason I’ve never felt at home with Evernote, but I think Agenda offers me the perfect balance between notes, research & actually getting things done, & I’m very much looking forward to making lots of use of it


We have some ideas in this direction, stay tuned!


It’s how I intend to try and tackle Agenda as well. I am using it to replace the default Notes.app in the Mac. I have hundreds of the notes and I am unable to track them these days. Things is still my go-to task management, so let’s see how well Agenda will help me organize my thoughts.

I am still not able to connect with how linking to calendar is useful to me - if I launched Calendar, I don’t see my Agenda notes in there (I don’t think it does) and yet, Agenda does not have a weekly/monthly Calendar view… so, the point of linking calendar is just assigning a “Created” date to the notes, which is what most notes taking app have anyway.

I think this app will be hard for everyday people to wrap their mind around it. The fact that it won Apple Design Award speaks volume of its design but it does take some education to appreciate it to its fullest.


After months of using Agenda, this is how I incorporated it to my workflow. First of all, this app has become very useful on what I do in life. I am a Foreign Language and a Sign Language Teacher, Sign Language Interpreter and organize events for the Deaf Community. I follow the GTD method, but not strictly. So I tried to adapt new methods and whatever suits my needs. I have been struggling very much before on my fixed meetings / schedules and needed an app that integrates notes and calendars. Prayers answered thru Agenda!

I use these apps for my workflow:

  1. Calendar (Mac) and Calendars 5 by Readdle (iOS). I used before Fantastical 2 in my iPhone but they don’t support yet URL Links so I couldn’t open my Agenda notes in ios. I put all my Scheduled Events (Fixed Events) in my Calendar.

  2. Agenda (Mac and IOS) for Calendar Scheduled Events (Fixed Events).

a.) First of all, all notes incorporated with Scheduled events are in my Agenda. Agenda really helped me a lot to easily locate notes I have for a specific and scheduled event. Before, I needed to search for them in lots of cluttered files. I was so stressed that time.

b.) Secondly, I also use my Agenda for Different Projects for the Deaf Community. So I have categories for Personal, Professional, Languages, and Deaf Community. And in each Category I have different Projects. (I do hope that Subprojects would be implemented because it’s important for my Project Management.) All my Project notes, ideas and important things are written here.

c.) Thirdly, I also write drafts for my Outlines / To Do Lists on Agenda before transferring them to Omnifocus. (So thanks a lot for the IOS app because I always bring my iphone with me.)

  1. Omnifocus (Mac and IOS) - after writing the outline or draft of my Tasks and To do lists, I transfer everything to Omnifocus. Before, I put everything in my Omnifocus and I became overwhelmed with all the information. But now, it’s more organized and less cluttered than before. If I check my to do lists and routines, it’s easier for me now to do my tasks. I know that I could write my To do lists on Agenda. But, I have Repetitive taks that are in Omnifocus, that Agenda does not support yet.

  2. Omniplan for my Large Projects (I also write my first draft on Agenda before transferring them to Omniplan.)

  • I am still on the process of improving and figuring out other usage of Agenda. Hope this helps.


Thank you! It does :blush:


I’m happy it helped you. Agenda completed the missing link to my workflow and now it’s complete. Very satisfied now!


Excellent - good to be part of the circle! :+1::blush:


Hi kaaeronpaul,

I Also use Omnifocus, omniplan, fantastical, workflow, due and now adding Agenda to my arsenal to organize all my projects but i have felt at times resistance to using Agenda despite like in it, i feel like all the programs are gears that run with me but adding Agenda makes them grind as i have not found yet how to properly integrate it without having redundancy. now that they released the X callback i might be able to use workflow to add the note and place the task in omnifocus. not sure how but hopeful.:thinking:


Did you write these somewhere else or is it still upcoming here? :slight_smile:


Some are, like this one:

And some are still to come…