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I’m trying to put together a shortcut that will act similarly to the Evernote web clipper. It doesn’t have to be that precisely but, I would like more than what is currently offered by clicking Share>Agenda. At the least, something similar to what is offered in Apple Notes where I get, not only the link back to the website but, if I highlight something then it will clip that selected text and graphics. Also, add a timestamp to it.
I’m pretty sure it can be done, I just don’t know how to do it.

The way this could work is to make sure that the first part of the shortcut would take the website from your browser and convert it to either a PDF or webarchive saved to a temporary location, from there you can add the Agenda shortcuts to import it into your notes.

I’ve been looking through the shortcuts and I’m not seeing how to take a pdf and attach it to a note. It not connecting the workflow. I’m probably missing something.

Have a look at the attachment parameter of the Append to Note shortcut: Agenda Shortcuts and Reference

I made a shortcut that may do what you need.

This is how it works.

  1. Go to the website you want
  2. Select and copy text
  3. Open the shortcut in the share sheet
  4. Choose where to save the note
  5. Choose which image you want from the page
  6. Paste image in the note.

I had a hard time adding the image via the shortcut so I did this as a work around.

Hope this is what you looking for.

Clipboard to Agenda


I have made one which takes all of the text from the page, makes a PDF of the page and then pastes both into a new note.
The PDF is saved locally on your device first and then copied in.

Agenda Web Clipper

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Great stuff, thanks for sharing @Steve and @user3321

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These are definitely steps in the direction I’d like to go. I suppose I’m spoiled from the old Evernote clipper. I like the rich clips when clipping to Apple Notes as well as Craft. They just aren’t my platform of choice and I don’t want to muddy the water, so to speak, with yet, another app as an intermediary. Thanks for the help.