Web-App Access

Would it be within plans to make agenda accesible via browsers as well? (Web client)

It would be SO useful to be able to add to our personal notes when we are are work (premises/devices).

Cheers team.

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Yes, this is something we are interested in. We have a few different ideas for helping people who have to work with other platforms. Can’t say when we will get to them, but they are on the roadmap.

Thanks for the feedback!

+1, it would be a big help if we can access notes via browser~ thank you.

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I also been interested in this feature too. As my work laptop is windows and it’s locked down

Be interested in opinions on the following:

Which would you prefer as a user of Windows at work?

  • Read-only access to Agenda notes via a web browser.
  • Ability to have Agenda notes copied automatically into a folder on your Mac in markdown format, with edits of the markdown reimported automatically. (The folder could be on a file sharing service like Dropbox, allowing edits from Windows.)

These are two directions we are considering. They overlap somewhat, but have different strengths.


@drewmccormack - I have a work flow for folder syncing that isn’t related to Windows.

Essentially, I have a work computer that I don’t have Agenda sync with iCloud. My “main” Agenda app has personal ideas and notes that don’t belong to the my work.

I would love to be able to have a folder that sync to either a Markdown editor or to a non-iCloud Agenda.

Pretty much:

Main Agenda Database (iPad + iPhone) <–> synced “dropbox” folder ← selective sync of Markdown files (for things like generic code snippets, read-laters, personal notes)

Hopefully, that makes sense. Personally, I love both ideas but the second could enable more complex “work-to-personal and back” flows.

Hi Drew! From my side Id personally be delighted and super excited for an option of automatically downloading/syncing notes to a folder of choice in the cloud. For so many reasons, that would be a great option and allow ability to sync todo lists, daily plans, event notes from work.
Just curious what the vision would be if this were to happen - would this be syncing entire agenda library or specific projects/overviews? Would attachments also sync?

Thanks all for the feedback.

These are very good questions. Indeed, should it be selective, or just sync everything? And how do you handle tricky stuff like attachments, tables etc, which aren’t fully supported in markdown?

We aren’t at the point of actually doing it yet, and these types of questions are indeed important to answer. We can probably come up with answers, even if the answer is “You can’t mess with tables” or whatever.

Was just interested to know what people favor: web or file sync.

I’ll add one more option to spice it up: What if full web sync (read/write) was an option? Ie you could see the notes on the web (after sign in), and could even edit them. Would that be better than markdown files, or is the attraction of markdown files that once you have that in place, there are all sorts of automations etc you can do, even offline edits?

@drewmccormack I am excited that you have asked the questions about our expectations. for my personal experience, most of my devices are Apple-iPhone, iPad Pro, MacBook-but windows is more comment in my workplace. I think the online edit is quite good for me as my majority time will be stay on Apple devices.

For the markdown file sync, if we have to install an Windows app for it, I would strongly vote for online editor instead. I am impressed the use experience and the beauty when using Agenda either on Mac or iPad Pro. Web app is more sufficient for the one who are spending most of time on Apple devices I guess.

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I would imagine Ill be in the minority in saying that Id personally prefer a direct sync with a cloud file system over web base. Both have advantages that would be extremely useful - but for me personally, Id get more use from direct sync with cloud - even if read/write option were available for web.

Direct sync with cloud allows for edit within other apps as well on Mac/ios/Windows, which for my work and book writing would have a ton of advantages. Being able to pull the same synced document into Ulysses, IA writer, Agenda, and anything that can read markdown directly from files could be extremely powerful for daily notes, writing in my opinion.

I would imagine tables/attachments would be very difficult to include and maybe not essential? That is beyond my own limited abilities however :slight_smile:

The purist in me says “sync markdown files”. The realist recognises that I would be frustrated by missing features that don’t work in markdown, and says “web app”.

You can take the cue from Notion. They have a desktop app probably written in Electron or React, then they also have it in a web browser. They all work the same but I personally prefer a web app when logging in with my work pc.

Agenda and Notion are very different beasts. Notion is a web app. They provide native interfaces to that web app. Agenda is a native app. We have no web services ATM other than our licensing, so it is a completely different problem to solve. We would have to build up a lot of web infrastructure which we don’t currently have.

A file syncing option is a lot easier for us, because — again — it just involves a native client, and the cloud stuff is handled by someone else. But it is more a pro user option, and the web client is probably more accessible to most, but a much bigger project for us.

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That all sounds like a great direction!

I too wish that I could do some Agenda notating when in Windows, especially when I have to copy & paste (from Windows) or the like!

TBH, I use Agenda ~95% on my iPad and ~5% from my iPhone, so even a manual Import/Export feature for iOS would be great! I get the limitations with iOS and would think automatically scheduling a sync would be miles more difficult than on the Mac. I don’t think anyone would really mind hitting a Sync button if it accomplishes this!

So, considering most of us probably use iCloud anyhow, I’d be super happy with a way to grab a copy in Markdown while in Windows, save it back to iCloud for Windows (Dropbox would work equally well for those who prefer syncing with it), and simply tap a button on my iPad to sync next time I get around to it. From a development standpoint this will likely be way more simple than messing with the browsers, web APIs, the additional headache of security having been it all on the web, etc. Anyone with Notepad or the Markdown editor of their choice could easily and securely work on notes from Windows this way!

So, please don’t forget about those of us who use Agenda exclusively on iPad (and/or iPhone) as we have to deal with Windows too. :disappointed: I hope the above thoughts were helpful. I’m just glad this is something that’s actually being considered, I didn’t think it was something that I’d ever see. :+1::+1:

Thanks! :v:


Thanks for the feedback. Some good points that I hadn’t fully considered. I guess you could do this on iOS/iPadOS, as long as you can save to a location accessible on Windows. iCloud, Dropbox and others no doubt should work for this.

@drewmccormack Hi Drew, does it means we cannot expect any Web-App access to Agenda in the future?

No. We may end up doing both these things. I was more trying to get an idea if one option was favored over the other in order to prioritize future projects. But it seems pretty split down the middle, so we will have to give it some thought…

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Ok, got it. Thank you!