Weather and location tagging

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I’m using the Journey app still on the site because of the weather and location tagging. If that would be integrated, I would be able to only use Agenda. #weather #location


We have some ideas in this direction indeed, stay tuned.


Nice! Just trying out Agenda to see if it can replace Day one and many other services. and this feature is the only one missing. Great for when you are making notes while Traveling.

Is location and weather tagging/awareness still on the agenda? Just curious. I’d love to see it incorporated.

Not at the moment, something we’re considering.

FWIW, I can see me finding a location stamp useful, (where the eg meeting was held), but I would have no use for weather.

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Weather is a useful data point for recall. Also, sometimes meetings or events are cancelled for weather. Sure you could spell it out, but you could say the same for location “stamps."

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Yes, the weather (and time) is missing and also the rapid insertion of the mood of the day with for example 4 icons available, as it is in the other apps already mentioned above… Thanks!

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Certainly something we will consider. Note that Agenda is not really directly comparable to Day One. Day One is more like a personal journal, and weather/mood etc are then quite relevant.

Agenda can be used for that, and you could make your own tags to track weather and mood if you wanted to. But Agenda aims to be more general, and so specialised weather and mood features are a bit lower on our list. We’ll see if we get to them at some point.

Thanks for the feedback!

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I appreciate what you’re saying. I moved to Agenda because it was better suited for academic journaling and project management than DayOne. I’ve never regretted that move. That said, if the aim is to be “more general,” it might be worth investing time into making Agenda more flexible for those of us who wish to use it in a more general way—for both the personal and professional. These are just my thoughts. I know you are triaging a lot of priorities. Agenda is an integral part of my daily workflow, and the lack of location or weather tags won’t change that.

Thank you for your reply. I understood well the difference between Agenda and Day One. But I still think that Agenda is also used by some to keep and record a sort of diary or personal diary in a private part (a Private Project).
Furthermore, you probably know that in professional project management, the scrum method is often used. And with this scrum method, every morning a meeting takes place in which the team members quickly give their mood of the day … It would therefore be practical and useful to be able to easily insert 4 icons representing the mood of the day, in a framed with the same design as the rest of the Agenda application! As Day One allows, but also Moleskine Journey or Awesome Note …;)! Just have a look… Isn’it sexy? If the weather feature is difficult to implement with automatic refresh perhaps is it possible to change it manually just like the mood, by choosing the right icon… It does not seem so complicated to me… but I am NOT a developper :slight_smile: AA38FBA4-620A-43A3-AE01-A89605B51C6E_1_201_a|255x500

Rather than specialised features like particular moods, we would like to make the app more flexible, so that people can create their own systems. Eg. We could force you to choose from 4 moods, but what if you want 5?

Eg. We would like to improve tagging. If you could put emoji in tags, and if the tags would autocomplete, it would be very fast and easy to add tags for mood. The advantage of that is that you can then search for the tags, with no specialised “mood handling”. And tags generalise to any sort of priority or rating, so can be used in many more situations.

Hope this gives you an idea where we are coming from, and would like to go.


Oh, thank you for your answer.
I was at the same time busy editing my post to add an example. But I understand your point of view and I think that your solution is indeed more generic and adaptable to the varied needs of users …
So I will wait :slight_smile:

Weather tagging would be helpful in my case, as well. I am using Agenda to track (journal) my progress on building projects.

My solution for now is to use a Shortcut to get the current weather and add it to the clipboard.

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I don’t know much about it, but I believe Weather data is not free. That said, Apple recently acquired a provider, so with some luck they will make that data available to apps. If it was there, we could probably add a weather command pretty easily.