Is Location Awareness in the Works?

Is location awareness in the works?

One powerful way to relate notes — and search for them — is to associate them with a place:

Sometimes, I remember where I was when I had an idea or jotted something down. It would be cool to be able to search for that note based on location data.

Other times — when I’m planning a trip, for example — it would be nice to be able to tag a note with location data … and have that note surface when the app senses I’m in that location. (I know I can manually do this with tags; it would be cooler, though, if location awareness made it possible without my having to remember to add a location stamp.

Something to consider! I know time is your central metaphor for this app, but location could extend its usefulness for a lot of folks. Thanks for the hard work!


It’s not something we have on our roadmap so far but certainly an interesting suggestion, thanks for the feedback!

I’m using Agenda to replay DayOne. Location and weather tagging would be super.

This is such a solid app…