Visually Impaired

Does Agenda work with IOS VoiceOver whereby VoiceOver can read everything on the page back to a visually impaired user?

Please let me know. I have friend who is 85% blind and she can’t use most note taking apps because of that lack of integration with VoiceOver which is part of IOS on the ipad or iphone.

Thank you,
Sarah Marks

Hi Sarah, I’m a bit ashamed to admit that Agenda is lacking in this area, right now it’s not a great citizen in this respect and your friend will find it hard to use with voice over and voice control. Just the other day we had someone pointing this out and I had a look. Good news is that I’ve started the work and am making good strides. Unfortunately it won’t make it to next week’s version 10 update, but I’d like to get it in the update the release after. Would be great if your friend could give us his feedback once it’s out.

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hi there.

Agenda has such good reviews that is why I went to the effort to download and join the community. I may use Agenda in my next career for me – I like the interface.

For visually impaired there are at least these elements I know of that you can use in your planning. I have also worked with some elderly people and found the same accessibility needs as those that are visually impaired.

If you go to your or someone’s iphone and select the following to see what they need. You probably already know that so I am just stating it just in case it’s new to you. A friendly nudge per se.

Settings–> General --> Accessibility then you will find many of the items that a responsive design needs to cover. The top item listed is VoiceOver on that settings page.

  1. They, visually impaired, often use invert colors on the ipad or iphone settings to see white text on black background. They often can not see anything on a white background.

  2. They need to extra large text sizes to read so your screen would have to be responsive to XL

  3. The organizations for the blind tell them to look for these three things in software:

a) Can your audio playback read the photographs of text?

b) If a PDF file is attached to a note in your app will the audio playback read the PDF file?

c) Can the audio playback in your app read any other types of attached documents to notes? Ex: can it read scanned documents?

Thank you for doing anything you can to rank these needs high. (wink)

Sarah Marks

Thanks Sarah, first and foremost on our list is to make sure you can control the app through VoiceOver and Voice control. From there we’ll move to other items on the list like font sizes and high contrast modes.

Hi Sarah,

It’s been a while since your feedback on Agenda’s poor accessibility features, and it has taken us way too long to get to this point, but I guess better late than never I’m happy to let you know that with the upcoming v11 update we finally got our act together. At least, we believe so, of course what’s missing is the feedback and testing of those who have a lot more experience with the accessibility features than we do. It would be great if you could give it a ride and let us know what you think. I’ve written a bit more about it here: Help us make Agenda more accessible!