View selected Project Notes "Sidebar"

Hello there and sorry if there are similar requests, but I didn’t find exactly what I suggest.
With my growing Projects and notes, inside them, I want easily to browse through my notes on selected project viewing the whole Title of the notes without resizing Agenda window far left-right and viewing respectively the selected notes itself. I was created an image a long time ago but now I have time to do some feedback and requests to lovely team Agenda like my today post for highlighted text with attached images here.

Like it was said a picture is worth a thousand words:

Thank you, regards and happy day.

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This kind of layout is indeed what the Apple Notes app uses, I’m afraid we have gone a different route though and prefer a layout where a project feels as a single document. Having said that, we have some plans that would allow something of both worlds.

Thanks for the feedback!

Note that there is the jump menu at the top. Just click on the project title at the top of the notes list.

One thing against this layout is that we also have another panel on the right. Three panels would be OK, but four is taking it a bit too far :wink: