Using Agenda for journaling



There isn’t too much information about how people are using Agenda, so I want to share mine. I’ve switched from Day One to Agenda, to keep all kind of journaling here. I wrote a blogpost, you guys me find it helpful.


Personal journal

Nice! Thanks for sharing!


I am looking for an alternative for MacJournal, but would like to be able to import years of MJ data in a proper way!


Does MacJournal allow export in any format?


Yes, it does, in many formats.
From Plain Text Format, RTF, RTF with attachments, ODT, Word, Markdown, PDF, etc.


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Thanks for the link to the thoughtful article. It really helped me think through how to use Agenda.


I love your thoughts on Day One and echo similar concerns re: security and privacy.

Personally I try to keep my less than private posts on Day One and use The Journal (Windows-only application) for my more private and confidential thoughts. The challenge is I rarely using my Windows PC so I’m not very consistent with my journalling my truly private thoughts. I would love to stop using The Journal ( but until the security portion is beefed up on Agenda not sure it can replace either completely for me.

I am curious to learn more about how Agenda has replaced Day One for you, especially around the detailed journalling aspect. Would you be willing to share additional thoughts, may with examples?