URL links from Reminder don’t work on Mac OS

What I did: clicking on agenda://reminder/[looong_ID] URL link in Reminder

What happened: Agenda app opens (or gets focus if it’s already running) but the note that the link refers to doesn’t open - it just shows what was originally opened in the Agenda window, no change of the view. However, in about 10 % of cases the desired note opens. But mostly not.

What I expected: Agenda should show the note that the link refers to. It happens in some 10 % of cases.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Agenda 10.0.4, macOS 10.15.6, Reminder 7.0.

Thanks for reporting, we’ll investigate

Update: now I noticed that the same thing happend on iOS too (when clicking on the link from GoodTask). Few links open their respective notes correctly but most of them don’t. Maybe I do something wrong? But I guess that the proper behaviour really is what I expect: „reminder“ in the URL says that Agenda should open the reminder object with the given ID, while this reminder object is a part of a note which shall be opened too.

If the note is no longer in Agenda this can explain things, if however the note is in Agenda, and sometimes it does work while other times it doesn’t, it’s definitely a bug. Can you confirm whether it indeed does work on iOS sometimes as well? Also, does it make a difference if you the sidebar visible for example? Or whether you are already on the project in which the note resides for example? Does it make a difference if Agenda is already running vs not?

  • The note is in Agenda and the Reminder (i.e. the alarm clock icon, either yellow, or red for overdue) is in this note
  • It doesn’t make a difference if I’m already on the project. Sometimes it works when the note is in a different project, sometimes it doesn’t work even when I’m on the project where the note should be. And vice versa.
  • I have a hypothesis the problem is for overdue Reminders, i.e. the red alarm clock icons. What I noticed:
  1. Reminders app shows me that a task added from Agenda is on due time, i.e. it becomes overdue.
  2. Later during the day I want to click on the URL in the task (either in Reminders app on MacOS or GoodTask on iOS) to get to the respective Agenda note. It doesn’t work. Same for MacOS and iOS. I haven’t been able to test it with the sidebar visible (see point 8), maybe next time I see this behavior. I was able to test if it makes difference if Agenda is running vs. not and it seems it makes no difference.
  3. Meanwhile, in some of the tasks in Reminders app, I’ve deferred their due dates, so that now they’re not overdue from the perspective of the Reminders app but still are overdue from the perspective of Agenda. -> hence the URL still doesn’t open them.
  4. But when I open the note manually, the red alarm clock soon refreshes (I guess?) and becomes yellow again, i.e. Agenda reads the new due date from Reminders app.
  5. From this moment, the URL link from Reminders work OK and opens the note in Agenda.
  6. I replicated this behavior in about 4 notes and it was same with all of them.
  7. Now there are no red alarm clocks in any note in Agenda and it seems that all existing URLs from Reminders app work fine now.
  8. The problem with this hypothesis: when I now manually set a past date of a task in Reminders app to make it overdue, the alarm clock in Agenda indeed becomes red again but now the behavior is still ok - i.e. I’m not able to replicate that error this way

Thanks for the added details, that’s super helpful, we’ll investigate.

I can confirm this really looks like the issue with the reminder being overdue. I’ve been able just now to replicate this error again:

  • the reminder was 1 day past due
  • clicking on the link from Reminders app on MacOS and from GoodTask from iOS did nothing, just opened Agenda, but not the note
  • on iOS nothing makes difference: same project opened or not, sidebar opened or not, etc.
  • I manually changed the due date to tomorrow (in Agenda on iOS), the alarm clock went yellow from red again
  • after couple of seconds I switched to GoodTask, clicked on the link there and suddenly it works - the correct note is opened
  • then again manually changed the due date to yesterday but now the error doesn’t happen again - the note still opens correctly

Thanks for the follow up, I’m going to look into this for the 11.1 update to see if I can find the cause.