URL in a paragraph prevents editing

What I did: I entered a domain URL like aol.com in an Agenda paragraph.

What happened: If you touch any part of the paragraph to edit it Agenda instantly jumps you to Safari. Very frustrating. That should only happen if you touch the URL.

What I expected: I expected to be able to edit the paragraph as long as I wasn’t selecting the URL.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

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Using Agenda on an IPad Pro and IPhone IOS 12.3.1. The problem occurs on both devices.

This is the same as this issue and agree that it is a real pain in the butt.

I’ve had the same kind of experience with links in a note. It’s hit or miss on whether I can use a carriage return to ‘clear’ the next line for continues typing. Seems to be the same situation with your observation.

A tap and hold on the text should allow editing on iOS, even if it is a link.

I am testing now, but I can’t reproduce the problem. If I enter “http://apple.com” and watch it turn into a link. I am able to tap outside the link to move the cursor.

So it must have something to do with how the link is made. Can you start a new note, and give me the exact steps required to cause this problem?

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Drew, I have the same issue on iOS. As noted, it is intermittent. For me the problem is two-fold:

  1. after inserting a link into a note, there seems to be a wide area around the link, up to and including the entire note, that will activate the link when touched for editing.
  2. after inserting a link into a note, the style may not revert to body text, but text remains blue and becomes part of the link display text. Cmd-cntrl-0 will usually restore the body formatting, but it may take more than one attempt.

Just assumed this was a “beta thing” that would get sorted. I will notice when this happens and share more specific details, as you ask.

If you notice it again, perhaps you can let us know exactly the conditions that triggered the problem. Eg. how you added the link (paste, type URL, markdown, key combo). That will help us reproduce it and fix it.

Typing note in split screen, drag email into note that quickly turns blue to indicate the link, touch and hold to set cursor at end of link “…Ops)”, type space, and this is the result:

Backspaced over “which”, retyped, no change. Backspaced over “which” then hit 3 returns and 3 deletes. This restored proper styling.

Another example: typed a phone number followed by a space into a note. Phone number turns blue, as expected, but subsequent text also turned blue. After backspacing and hitting a number of returns and matching deletes, typing goes back to normal.

Are these steps on a Mac or iPad?

For me it’s iPad. (iPadOS 13 Beta 5)

Sorry, Drew.

10.5” iPad pro, iOS 12.4

Is dragging an email into a note working for you on iOS 13 beta? It seems to try to import something in my version, and no link shows up.

No! I get the screen grab attached while using Apple Mail app.

OK, thanks. Another one to look into.

Yep. Same here. Happens with image thumbnails too. Really a pain. iPad.