Problem editing a note with multiple links inside

I have an issue I would like to point out, maybe something could be done. I use my Agenda laso for aggregating links inside a note. For example I have a note where I gather websites of interesting places while I am planning my wedding. When I have multiple links inside a note it is hard to edit a note. Whenever I click the link opens. There are few blank spaces inside a note but even touching it automatically opens link which is closest to touched area. Only clicking at the very end of the note and then moving cursor works for me, but maybe you could change touch tolerancy a bit, so that blank spaces would not be considered as tapping to open a link, but placing a cursor over there and edit. Only touching link should open it. I recorder a video with the issue, I hope it will be clearer to understand what I mean.

I have the same issue - it’s very difficult to enter into edit mode or move the cursor on ios when links are present.

I just did a bit of testing. You can just tap-and-hold just after the end of the link to get a cursor, and then drag to where you want to be. You shouldn’t need to go to the end of the note. Just the end of the line, with a tap-and-hold.