Update v12.0.1 fails to download from the AppStore

What I did: Tried to download/install the latest Agenda from the AppStore after installing macOS Big Sur

What happened: 90% download, then I get a pop-up that says the update is “unavailable, please try again later”. Multiple attempts, nothing. All other apps had successfully updated from the AppStore. I have reached out to Apple as well.

What I expected: Download and install of the App update.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): iMac Pro, macOS: Big Sur 11.1, Installed Agenda Version:12.0 (175)

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Argh, very frustrating, we have now heard this from a handful of people, it seems like a problem with the AppStore. Could you give it another try tomorrow and/or see if logging out of the AppStore app and back in makes a difference? If this all doesn’t work, you can download in the mean the Mac app from agenda.com.

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Hello, I had the same issue with a handful of app the last couple of days on my MacBook. So it is not related to Agenda. It is an App Store issue.

Yeah, most people who reported it have let us know that it started working some time later. Still very frustrating!

Yes it’s the App Store, and yes it is temporary. It failed twice earlier this week for me. Today, finally completed the download on the third attempt.

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I’ve been trying to download the update for the past 3 days and get the message stated above. I’ll keep trying. I did have some downloads fail earlier in the week but they eventually resolved themselves. The Agenda app has not.

If it keeps refusing, you can always download the Mac app from agenda.com and switch back to the Mac App Store version later.

If finally downloaded last evening. I’ll keep that suggestion in mind if it happens again.

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Thought I should share this: failed to download 12.0.1 all week. Today tried turning off my network filter (Little Snitch) and it downloaded from App Store immediately. Will look at logs to see if a particular rule was blocking it. Havent experienced this on any other apps.

Really strange, I have this same problem. For the past three days I’ve been unable to update. Other apps update fine, just Agenda stops about 90% and I get the error message. I’ll keep trying . . .

Same here for several apps. Later I was using CleanMyMac X and it listed a bunch of additional App Store apps as having updates. I let CleanMyMac X do the updates. They all installed successfully. I am running the latest developer beta of macOS.

I am currently having this problem cant download the latest version on my intel Mac and M1 Mac.

Thanks for all your suggestions. Downloading the Mac version from agenda.com worked for me but signing out and back in to the app store did not.

I tried being patient but after multiple tries to update from the App Store, I ended up uninstalling and re-installing the app.

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