Update killed my app on 10.12

What I did:
I clicked on “Update” as it was offered by the program.

What happened:
After the update was completed, the program refuses to start. Rebooting the computer didn’t help.

What I expected:
That Agenda 11 would come up with shiny new features.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
I had the version before, obviously, and Premium. I still run macOS 10.12.

Hi Andreas,

Unfortunately the update contained code that was incompatible with macOS12, something that slipped through the beta process. We’ve just uploaded version 11.0.1, which should work again on 10.12. Could you give it a try and let us know if it indeed runs on 10.12? You can download it from https://downloads.agenda.com/Agenda_11.0.1.zip
Apologies for the hassle.

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YES, it worked! Thank you very much, that was quick. :+1:

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Great to hear that, thanks for confirming.

But it is nice to see that the error message translated into German is displayed correctly. :innocent:


Just installed this and neither your website version or App Store version will open on my MBP running latest OS update.

That’s odd, because the issue in this topic is about an issue on 10.12, which we since fixed in the 11.0.1 update. So very likely this is something else. When you say it won’t open. Do you see a crash report at all or it simply doesn’t want to launch at all without any warning or sign of issues? Does it help if you restart your MBP?