Problem updating from 11.1 to 11.2 on MacOS10.12.6

hi i tried to update Agenda 11.1 to 11.2 on MacOS10.12.6
from the AppleStore.
Then i had the same message this OP had :slight_smile:Update killed my app on 10.12
but in French. I couldn’t open the app anymore.

So I got back a precedent agenda app file from a Time Machine back up, 11.1 again, that seems to work.

Now i don’t know how to get again an updated app from the Apple Store : the button there says now “ouvrir” (open), and no longer “mettre à jour” ou “télécharger” (update or download).


If you want the very latest, you are best to drag your copy of Agenda to the trash, and empty trash. After that, the Mac App Store should allow you to download the latest.

We have a fix for some issues on 10.12.6 coming in the next few days. If you can update to a newer OS, you will likely experience less problems. You can do that free in the Mac App Store. Look for Catalina, High Sierra, Big Sur etc.

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Thank you for your answer. I’m sorry i can’t update to a newer OS, my whole system is oldish but stable now.

i deleted my agenda current copy, and could install one again from the app store as you advised.

But I couldn’t open the app and had the window message :
“Agenda ne peut pas s’ouvrir en raison d’un problème.
Vérifiez auprès du développeur que Agenda fonctionne avec cette version de macOS. Il se peut que vous soyez amené à réinstaller l’application. Assurez-vous de bien installer toutes les mises à jour disponibles pour l’application et pour macOS.
Cliquez sur Signaler pour avoir plus de détails et envoyer un rapport à Apple.”
so waiting for the patches, i am quite excited by the new things 11.2 includes.

Does it help if you download Agenda from

As said, we have made the fixes yesterday and hope to have a new version later today. I’ll let you know when it’s available.

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We now have new update available at that should work properly on macOS12. Could you give that one a try please let us know if that’s indeed the case?
Many thanks!

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i got it and it works! thank you for your quick fix!

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