Universal Checklist-List (eg via saved search)



Congrats on the launch! Everything looks extreemly promising thus far - one quick feature request:

The ‘on the agenda’ button is very useful for collating active notes, but if check-listed items within notes could be consolidated into a sigle list that would be a game-changer.

As with other note apps you can presently achieve a similar affect with a hashtag (eg #todo) & a saved serach, but it’s much less elegant… if the search engine could identify checklisted-text across all notes (like a special hashtag) and bring then into a single list, that would be increadibly useful in following-up (& checking-off) actions from meetings withoug digging back through notes.

Initially a single list would be fine, but I’m sure there would be scope to filter checked from un-checked items, later still checklisted items from specific sets of projects & categories… would be a huge time-saver & definately worth the cost of subscription.



Thanks for the feedback!

Yes, we are considering how we can present ‘summarized’ views of notes. Definitely want to do that.

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True, it would be really useful to get a quick overview of notes with open todo’s. Maybe by making it possible to search for notes with todo’s (open and/or completed) and then simply being able to save that search as an overview.

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I just installed Agenda today and already it it my new favorite app, if this was included I could eliminate ToDoIst and have this be my only note app. As a consultant this is amazing to be able to track my meetings, include what was discussed and add action items. With a consolidated list I could just go thru and action everything at once. Please add this feature!!!


Can you expand on what you mean by action items? For example, could you use a check list item with a “#action” tag attached to it? If you did that, you could search for notes with action items in them. Later we would also like to add a summarized search that only shows the lines of the notes containing that tag.

Would this satisfy you? Or were you looking for something else?


I have added the todo hashtag and created a search which is workable for
now but i would love to have a list of all checklist items consolidated
without having to add the hashtag each time.


I see. So you would want a way to search for unchecked items (?)


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Thanks Amy. That gives us a lot to think about.

I think the challenge for us to to come up with a system that is flexible enough to do what you want to do, without turning the app into ToDo-ist. It has to remain Agenda, a note taking app.

But we have some ideas about how we should be able to support the sort of things you are asking for. Stay tuned!


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…just noticed something, on the checklists, once you check them off they dont really change. I went and deleted the #todo hashtag and they are still showing up in the search using the hashtag


There is nothing that shows/hides checked items yet, that is true. But are you saying that even if you remove the tag “todo”, the note still shows up in searches for #todo?

Note that the search index can take a few seconds to update, so it might not disappear until you next search.


yup. I went back and removed the hashtags and they still come up. I removed the hashtags a few hours ago, I just re-ran the search and they all came back.
Im attaching a screen shot of my results, the red stars are items where I removed the hashtag


I can see there is still a #todo in the note. That is probably why it still appears in search results. The search happens per note, not per list item.

In the future we are hoping to add a feature to only show paragraphs with the tag in them, but for now, if the tag appears somewhere in a note, the whole note shows in the search results.


Want to second this! I understand wanting to remain a note taking app. When I take notes, primarily at meetings, action items come up. A summary view of checklist lines would take this app to the next level and really capture the natural workflow AND save me a ton of time aggregating to-dos. Thanks for your attention to feedback.


Understood. We want it too, and it is on our roadmap. Stay tuned!


Hi there, I was just searching for this feature, and wanted to add my support and my use case.

I find myself in the midst of 3 large projects, plus numerous secondary tasks. This requires me to change mindsets throughout the day for staggered meetings and working time.

I’ve got my projects organized and keep notes, but have a standard practice of taking notes in meetings and hand-typing a checkbox for an immediate action item I should take care of.

A universal list, and category-based (i.e. Personal vs. Work) list of those action items would help me streamline the small tasks and revisit their context with ease.

A small design idea: The search currently offers two small icons for quick filters, the circles for On Agenda, and a Date picker. Maybe a quick filter for checklist items only could be the gray circle icon from the notes and offer a filter to “unchecked” and “checked” items plus the ability to use tags and other search terms. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Indeed, solutions like you suggest are what we have been thinking too. Ie improvements to the search. In effect, the ability to get some summarized view of a note, like just checkboxes, or checked ones, or whatever.


Hi, As a new Agenda user but a experienced user ;-), it is a definitive great idea to add a search for the list of actions unchecked. I come from Goodnotes and Notability and I asked for this feature that I have never seen. For a project leader or manager, it is a star feature. For the rest of your app, what I see meet my needs.Yvan