Unintended deleting of notes while searching + messed up undo history

What I did:

  1. Create a project with more than one note (it’s not reproducible with only one note).
  2. Start searching in this document.
  3. Delete the search string by pressing and holding delete key.

What happened:
While holding the delete key, first, the search phrase was deleted and then focus automatically moved to the document and my notes also were deleted.
Even more, undo history did not contain those unintended actions, so I could not restore my data :disappointed_relieved:

What I expected:
While holding delete key in the search field, only search phrase is deleted and focus stays in the search field.

Agenda 2.6
macOS 10.14.1

Ouch, sorry about that. We’ll have a think about how to prevent this. Normally deleting a note using the delete key should trigger a “Are you sure” dialog, I assume you have ticked the “Do not ask again” box in the past?

Regarding undo, this makes it extra painful indeed. Undo is not granular enough and too slow at the moment, we’re not too happy with it ourselves either. We need to make quite a big change to fix it, it’s the next thing we’ll work on after the images and attachment features are out (soon).

Thank you for the response.

At the moment I’m trying to restore my data with Time Machine. Could you tell me where Agenda stores documents on the file system? If it’s important, I have iCloud sync enabled.

They are in /Users/mekentosj/Library/Containers/com.momenta.agenda.macos/Data/Documents

I just had the same problem. Luckily I was on a plane and offline so I had a backup copy on my phone that hadn’t synched. I quickly took screen shots of my phone data. Without the ability to undo reliably or restore from a trash folder, this program is very unreliable.

I’ve probably ticked the “Do not ask again” box in the past. Is there a way to turning back on the “Are you sure” dialog?

Thanks, Ian

I’ve probably ticked the “Do not ask again” box in the past. Is there a way to turning back on the “Are you sure” dialog?

You can reset the warning by quitting Agenda and entering the following in the Terminal.app:

defaults delete ~/Library/Containers/com.momenta.agenda.macos/Data/Library/Preferences/com.momenta.agenda.macos suppressDeleteSectionsAlert

Version 4.1 is available now, it should now no longer be possible to accidentally delete a note, plus undo should be rock solid. Let us know if you still have any issues.