Delete Confirmation on iOS?

Hi, I have seen posts on the forum such as (Unintended deleting of notes while searching + messed up undo history and Reset Delete confirmation to show again) which discuss the delete confirmation dialog on the Mac application; however I was wondering if this same functionality exists on the iOS version of Agenda?

I don’t believe I have ever seen the confirmation appear when deleting a note on iOS, and due to the lack of “trash bin” functionality, and in my experience iffy undo functionality (it appears that if I make a dummy note and use a mixture of the history and the undo/redo it is possible for me to reach a state where I can no longer hit undo until the note reappears), I am hesitant to become as invested in Agenda as I wish to be. This is also causing me to backup my notes in other apps and start using Agenda simply as a repository of links to notes in other apps I was hoping to switch to Agenda from, such as Bear, which I feel if I must continue doing will probably make me wary of using Agenda as my go-to note application.


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The good news is that we have completely overhauled undo. That is currently in beta, due for release in a week or two.

Deleting a note on iOS is already a more deliberate action than on Mac. You have to tap the cog menu, and then tap the delete note button. On Mac, the problem is you can accidentally hit backspace.

We are fixing the issue on the Mac, and, with reliable undo, hopefully deletion on iOS is not a danger.

Thanks for the feedback!


The changes mentioned here are part of the 4.1 update. Undo should now be reliable and fast.