Undo buttons in Pencil Drawing UI

Great addition to make Agenda even more useful. But there’s a little bug yet to be squashed, I’m afraid. While it works seamlessly on the iPad, the undo/redo buttons are missing on the iPhone, both in horizontal and vertical orientation.

That UI is completely constructed by Apple’s iOS, so we don’t have control. I think they probably decided they couldn’t fit in the undo/redo on a small screen.

The system gestures should work, I think. They changed in iOS 13: it is now three finger swipe to left for undo, and right for undo.

Here’s a side by side comparison of Apple’s drawing support and Agenda’s implementation. It appears that your note “container”/“frame” is hiding the controls Apple provides. Your dev should definitely look into this and fit it. Not intuitive at all to rely on gestures only. I’m surprised that the update would even pass Apple’s quality check. In terms of usability and accessibility this is not a minor issue. Please fix!


The undo buttons in Apple’s notes app are not standard. The notes app team have apparently added those. We don’t remove or hide anything of the standard features.

The gestures added by Apple are system wide. It is intuitive, in the sense that Apple have an interest in training their customers that that is the standard gesture.

We will consider whether to put buttons in the bar at the top. It is quite unusual to put such buttons at that position in the UI, but we will think about it.

Thanks for the feedback!

Don’t care where you place them as long as they are available. :wink: