Draw your Conclusions - Agenda 8 brings Apple Pencil support. 🥳

You’ve might have already seen or even tried it, we’re thrilled to have launched Agenda 8.0 for iOS and iPadOS, introducing Apple Pencil support. Even before Agenda for iOS was released just over a year ago, we started getting requests to add support for Apple Pencil**. We are thrilled to let you know that you can now sketch out your ideas, write down your thoughts, and literally draw your conclusions using Apple Pencil, directly in Agenda.

This is just the first step; it is simply impossible to deliver everything you have asked for in one go, things like handwriting recognition, inline drawing, aren’t yet possible today. But rest assured, we plan to continue to deliver more possibilities in this area, gradually over time. Be sure to keep an eye on this post and invite you to leave your feedback there when it comes to what you think is missing or can be improved ***.

This release also brings a new premium feature: the ability to annotate images attached to your notes. Just tap-and-hold the image, and choose Annotate in the popover menu, in order to draw on top of the image. Add remarks, highlight important aspects — you can draw whatever you wish.

We hope you like the new Apple pencil support in Agenda as much as we do. After you’ve upgraded to iPadOS 13.1, make sure to give it a try! Note that if you don’t see the option to add a drawing under the plus menu in the bar above the keyboard, here are a few things to check…

**) Talking about popular requests, this topic was viewed more than 15k times, and has over 200 replies from more than 80 different users, wow, thank you for the many suggestions and so much great feedback!

***) For example, we have just submitted the 8.0.2 update for review, which will allow you to grow your drawing dynamically if you need more space, allowing you to scroll if needed

Introducing Apple Pencil support on iOS devices running iOS or iPadOS 13.1 or higher.

Update: If you haven’t done so make sure to update to Agenda for iOS 8.0.1 which improves compatibility with iOS13.1.


Very nice feature. I have created both annotated images and created a drawing. It took me a little time to figure out how to create the drawing. I did find the note here about the plus sign. It would be nice if this note had accompanied the newsletter. Even a very short screenshot or movie would help.

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Thanks for the feedback, indeed updating the How to section is still on my to-do list for this week.

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Excellent addition to Agenda!

Question: is it possible to crop Inline images? I’ve searched and cannot find the capability.

Glad you like it!

Question: is it possible to crop Inline images?

You mean as in edit the image? No, attachments are not editable yet I’m afraid, the workaround is to open the attachment in an external editor, make the edits, save it to say the desktop, and replace the attachment in your note with the edited copy. We hope to make this easier in a future update.

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Thanks, I’m really liking the Apple Pencil support / feature thus far. It was pretty rough w/ the first release, but the 8.0.2 release smoothed things out a lot.

The infinite scrolling w/ two fingers is great. My only top requests would be (1) ability to select option to only draw w/ pencil, so you don’t accidentally do so with one finger, and (2) some option for lines/guidelines/graph whatever. Don’t need anything fancy, but just to help with handwriting.



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Hi! For the Apple Pencil Drawing features,it would be great to have an option for lined/checkered sheet. It would be helpful fot the handwriting.


would be nice (y)

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Nice addition, but I’d still like to take notes using Apple Pencil directly into Agenda not only update images.

i love the way Agenda is organised but love hand written notes as well.

I guess you mean you want to use inline images, like Apple Notes. We can consider if we can add that in future, but we are not planning to become a GoodNotes or something like that, with free form drawing. That’s really a different type of note taking app.

Thanks for the feedback!

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Life’s too short, so for now my notes will include photos of screens at lectures with lots of the room too! No time often to zoom the camera.

Look forward to this feature. Also cool would be the ability to ‘straighten’ images. Not sure of the right word, but if you take a picture of a rectangle like a screen from the side, the rectangle is squashed on one side. If you could select the screen and have it transformed back to a rectangle.

I guess this falls under the category of “editing attachments”. As soon as you can open an attachment in an external tool, save the changes, and have Agenda update it, then it should be OK, right? Agenda doesn’t really need to have dedicated image editing tools itself.

Hi Drew, at one level you are right, but only if the workflow is simple.

It seems to me that an obvious application of Agenda as a note taking app, is taking notes at a lecture. It seems obvious to include photos of the slides in the note. To make sense of the notes later, I need to be able to skim read the note, including the text on the slides (photos). But to read the text on the slides I have to quick look each image which breaks the flow. If, as I review the lecture notes I can qucikly and easily crop each image, that would be great.

But having to export 20 or so images, crop each one in a photo editor, export to desk top, and re-import it in the same place in the note, just makes the whole thing too complicated and slow.

Perhaps not a common use case!

But it also doesn’t seem very handy to have to crop an image while the lecture continues. Doubt many would do that.

I guess what would suit you more is being able to zoom the camera, right? Can’t you already do that, so you get a reasonable crop?

No, I do this when reviewing the notes and tidyying typos etc. On the bus on the way home or at my desk.

I can zoom the camera when taking the shot, but it takes unnecessary time and sometimes the slide has moved on.

Parallax correction would be really useful as one is rarely sitting straight on the screen. It would make the resulting note, with a mix of my typed notes and the presentation screen images, much easier to read.

I think that is probably going a step too far at this point. Cropping is a reasonable step perhaps, but parallax correction would be more for a full image editor.

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+1 on option for lined/checkered sheet