Typographic / Paragraph Collections (Headline+Body)



It would be ideal that it would be made user adjustable and saved in preferences somewhere however, just having a descent collection of typographic font pairings would really make the selecteed area pop!!

I’ve noticed that when I’m posting a lot of refrence clips from the web, going back and forth quickly trying to find the copy can be a task. There needs to be more visual contrast - even just adding one good typeface family with a heavy weight would be a great solution to start out with. The interface is almost there, love the minimal layout… good job! :slight_smile:


I’m afraid the latter (minimal layout) what is in part keeping us to add a lot of visible options. We have some on our to do list (see The features we are working on right now…) but in general will probably stick with minimal options to avoid feature bloat and death-by-preferences :smiley:


Have you tried using headings? They give you some control over text size and weight.