Two-way link+search+web app+Card+blocks

Dear developer:
Hello, thank you for developing such a beautiful and easy-to-use app. I use agenda every day, and I can’t leave her more and more.
Agenda is a great product, but it can be more complete and powerful.
I have read the roadmap, and add some new ideas below, just for your reference
• Two-way link: Currently there is only one-way link. Hope to add a two-way link similar to roam researcher
• Chinese search: A lot has been optimized, and the accuracy rate has been greatly improved. I hope you can continue to improve
• web app: hope to add a browser application. This way I can directly share the agenda file to my friends
• Card: Each note of agenda is actually a card. If you enter too much text, it is not convenient to use. I hope you can learn from scrivener and provide automatic segmentation of the text content in the card, or the function of merging cards
• blocks: This requirement may be excessive. Hope to adjust the position of the text content of each module by dragging and dropping like notion. Of course, this requirement can be achieved by manually pasting and copying.
The above suggestions are for reference only. I understand that you have your own design philosophy for the product, and I hope you can make agenda more powerful and easy to use. Thanks again.

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Many thanks for your feedback and glad you like Agenda so much. Many of the items are indeed on our list, see also The features we are working on right now… We’ll do our best!