Two Notes Open at Same Time



After some deliberation, I opted to pay for all the features because 1) I like Agenda and think it can go far, very far; 2) and I like to support indie developers, who can make money (and a living) and continue to develop their product.

That said, two wish list items:

  1. Would love to have the abilityt to open two (or more) notes at the same time because I often find myself refering info in one note, then having to go find it, and back and forth. This can be done either side by side or, most likely, just open a note in a separate window for reference or cutting and pasting.

  2. In meetings, I might write a “stream of consciousness” note on all sorts of topics. At times a chunk of content may warrent a separate note. Yes, I can cut and paste into a new note, but it would be nice to perhaps select the text, right click, and choose something like Make New Note. In some of the Mac writing apps like Scrivener or Ulysses, I think you can break a document (note) into a new doc/note, which is often helpful.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing where the App goes — as long as a syncing iPad version is introduced relatively soon . . . Best of luck.


Hi Dan,
Thanks for your support!
The features are noted. We will see what we can do.
Kind regards,


Big Plus One on this. I have only been an Agenda user for a day and I already have tried to do this.



My scenario: I am drafting a post/email/whatever, and I am referring to several other notes as I go - research, text snippets, last week’s status, etc.

I don’t massively care if it’s tabs or windows, so long as it’s easy to have one note open throughout, and refer to several others as I work.


All I need is a new item in the File menu - Open New Window.

Really struggling at the moment as I’m trying to plan the detail of a sub project while needing to refer to the timeline for the overall project in another note.

I’m about to copy the text of the timeline into a TextEdit document so I can do that - which is a bit silly!


Would be nice to offer something like that. Unfortunately, it is not nearly as easy as a Open New Window menu item, because once you have two windows, you have a sync problem. Changes in one window have to get to the other one in a reasonable time, and not slow things down too much.

So it is something we will investigate, but not as easy as it seems.


Drat! Guess that’s why you guys are software developers and I do other stuff!

I look forward to some solution along those lines in due course.


I thought of something similar. I’d like a “Hot Topic” screen which would work similarly to “On the Agenda,” but serve as a temporary “work bucket” for notes from the same or different projects to be open at the same time. Once I’m done working with the “Hot Topic,” I could click a command in its menu to remove “all” flags, with an option to undo that if I need to bring the “Hot Topics” back together again. This way to bring the notes together would prevent sync issues because it’s just a semi-permanent search pane listed under “On The Agenda” in the left pane.

I envision this flag to be able to be added to the title of notes on the fly, whether the note is open or closed. A single note could be instantly removed from the “Hot Topic” pane by unclicking it’s flag, undoable from history.

I know a Tag of “Hot_Topic” and a search for that tag is the beta version for this idea, but clearing those tags from notes is tedious and downright impossible to undo.

I hope this makes sense. I’m just a new user (with just a few days under my belt) and certainly not an app designer. Perhaps I’ve missed something already in the app? The tag thing is working for the time being, so thank you for including these essential tools.

Edit: I failed to mention that I do use a saved search in the Overview. Clearing the tags is relatively easy in the search pane, and undo works fine as well. Perhaps what I’m really asking for is just a quicker way to flag/tag my Hot Topics that is easier than finding the note, opening the note, and adding a Tag. On the Agenda is not a substitute for Hot Topics because I have real To Do items there, and don’t want them mixed in with notes I want to work with all at the same time… for now.

2nd edit: This would be an ideal tool for those folks needing a way to gather notes from various projects/team members for meetings, as well. Just another thought.

3: (I really need to stop thinking about this.) Can you create a link for a saved search Overview and paste that link into another note that is then linked to a calendar event? That might resolve another topic question about multiple notes not being able to link to the same calendar event.


Thanks @dan.langendorf HUGE PLUS ONE for this request. I was just about to write a feature request for having two notes open at the same time and your post is the first thing I see.

AGENDA TEAM these two features would be an AMAZING addition to the Agenda app.

There are so many instances in my workflow where I would really love the ability to have two separate notes from two different projects open at the same time. I am positive this would make a HUGE difference for many.


Your description of Hot Topics is really exactly how I use On the Agenda. It is a temporary gathering location.

Maybe you would be better to swap the two concepts in your head. So On the Agenda is for your hot topics, and the due stuff, which doesn’t change as much, can be managed by tags.

Worth thinking about, because the HotTopic concept really is the itch we were trying to scratch with On the Agenda.

Overlapping Text

Excellent, @drewmccormack, that makes much sense. Doesn’t this suggest, however, that Tag Overviews also resolve two or more notes from different projects open at the same time?


Sure, you could do that. You could put a tag in the notes you want to group, and make a saved search for that. Would be a good workaround.


I’m using Agenda for teaching and really running into problems with this, and I see it being a bigger headache in the future. At the end of the class, I jot down my thoughts on how the class went in my lesson plan. I will look back at those notes next semester.

But because I can’t have two notes open at the same time, I can’t have the old note (past lesson plan with thoughts) and the new note (new lesson plan with modifications) open at the same time.

I’ve used Ulysses for a long while, and with it I can have two side-by-side notes. The same goes for multiple open instances of a markdown document in any other app. My workaround is to export the old Agenda document as a PDF and open it in another app, but that’s a bigger headache than the basic functionality of other writing apps, which allow you to open a note in a new tab, window, or editing pane.


A workaround that I use is to open Agenda on my MacBook and iPad at the same time. Not ideal and hopefully there’ll be a proper solution in due course.